For Mary A Gypsy Horse

Mary Mary quite contrary , what a life you had, sometimes tethered in a field, It really made me sad.

But sometimes you were set free in our field, free to run and roam, I wanted If I had the space, to steal you, and take you home.

I shouted your name, and you eventually came, and we became friends-well of sorts, you allowed me to stroke you but only because you wanted to see what I’d brought.

Sometimes an apple a carrot a mint, I stroked your matted mane, and then today I found out, You’d never come again…

If there is a horsey heaven, I am sure you will be there, running free & happy, no more pain to bare…

For Mary a gypsy horse

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  1. VegVamp says:

    Oh Sue, that is so sad. I bet she’ll wait for you at the rainbow bridge.

  2. Beanstew says:

    This is sad Sue, and full of regret – and I am sure your visits brought this old horse pleasure too. The bonds between humans and other animals are often hard to define, but I don’t think they are entirely due to the giving of food. I think they sense goodwill and interest, just as we do.

  3. cilla says:

    Oh sue, howl lovely and how sad. When I lived in Bunny (yes Bunny) there was a horse called Brandy who a lady had rescued from a sale and he was there for years. I always fed him and when she died the villagers looked after him. When I was living in Ireland I read that he had finally died. Think he was over 30.

  4. alison16 says:

    What lovely words, they brought a tear to my eye

  5. Hayley says:

    Lovely words Sue ;) They reminded me of a poem I studied at school by Alfred Noyes:

    The old horse Dobbin, out at grass
    Turns his tail to the winds that pass
    Stares at the white road winding down
    Through the dwindling fields to the distant town

    From the distance he hears a short sharp trot
    Sees his master a small dark dot
    Riding away on the smart new mare
    That came last month from Pulborough Fair

    And Dobbin remembers, as horses may
    How often he trotted that ringing way
    And his old heart aches with a heavier load
    as he stands and wonders and stares at the road.

  6. shedsue says:

    Thank you….The replies mean sooo much….she was only 11 ..and she deserves to be remembered…It was a joy coming into work to see her…but not a joy when she was tethered…I don’t try to understand the gypsy’s and their animals, but I do know that sometimes..the animals deserve better

    Thanks for the poem Haley its lovely..I now have two panda eyes …again

  7. They are lovely blog&poem, like you Sue, i feel sorry for the horses/ponies, they get left out in all weathers. I drove one that was tethered on the side of the road, it looked as though it had enough rope to actually wander into the road!! which was a main road, so was busy with traffic, including large lorries!! I drove past thinking poor thing, I hope it stays safe.

  8. gertie says:

    Sue, so lovely that you put this here, with the beautiful replies; heartfelt. I remember when you first told us about Mary on GC1… she is no longer in your field…..but she is remembered here :-)

  9. shedsue says:

    Thanks Lynn & glad you remembered her Anne :)

  10. shedsue says:

    Indeed MV…There will be no thoughts of her from her owner of that I am I so pleased she has this little corner

  11. Flighty says:

    Such a poignant post.

  12. shedsue says:

    It helped me to put it in words Flighty..Cathartic I believe, Mary and all the other Marys do matter to a lot of us x

  13. karenp says:

    made me feel quite choked, we have a lot around here some are tethered on some common land nearby, when i walk Alfie i always check on them, thankfully they seem well looked after but what i dont like is when they use those pony traps and they have them trotting high speed down the main rd in all weathers.
    a few years ago i did report to the rspca about 3 tethered on open land it was blowing a blizzard coming off the water and they were covered in snow, i felt they should’ve had some form of shelter, the rspca said as long as they have water to drink and food theres not much they can do, (seems wrong)
    and hayley what a sad poem too, we’ll all end up looking like pandas too soon Sue :(

  14. shedsue says:

    Thanks guys for understanding…I know it maybe was not the right place, but I also knew, some, would understand ..Sue x

  15. VegVamp says:

    We did indeed Sue, like KarenP it “choked me up” reminded me of when I finally had to put down my own beautiful big horse. Cried like a wain, kneeling in the field with his head in my lap, I’m sure the vet thought I was bonkers, but I couldn’t have cared less who thought what of me at the time. :(

    • gertie says:

      No you don’t , and nor should you …it’s good that peops care and I wish it was more acceptable to do so…..takes all sorts: I loved my little Monty [pic left] and she is always part of my life…and I know that she loved me too, even tho’ there are ‘sensible’ peops who say that this is being too anthropomorphic…..Anne :-)

  16. shedsue says:

    Oh Karen..I know what you mean….They are part of our families, Mary wasn’t part of mine and yet she was? …….I think animal lovers have huge hearts :)

  17. VegVamp says:

    They certainly are Sue, and you made Mary part of yours. We get our hearts broken more often, but I’d rather have it that way!

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