The Peony

I nurtured it for years till it grew strong.
Yet not one bloom for me was on display.
Perhaps my soil conditions were all wrong
Enough’s enough! I threw the thing away.
A few years passed. I gave it no more thought,
As other plants now flowered in its stead;
I little cared what time on it had wrought
Until by chance I caught a glimpse of red.
Among the nettles, choked by grass it grew,
Defiantly determined not to die,
Where I would seldom venture or would view
Those crimson flowers; and I wonder why

It should prefer those weeds for company
And shun my garden where it ought to be.


I wrote this poem a few years ago when a peony I had tossed into the field caught my attention when cutting the hedge. It is still there I’d like to bring it back to it’s rightful place but ??

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  1. Beanstew says:

    Perhaps you frightened it into flowering, Snapdragon – after all don’t plants react to the possibility of imminent death by trying to flower and set seed before the end. It was complacent and lulled by the security and good nosh in your garden, didn’t feel the need to rush into parenthood when it was having a good time – until it was hoicked out and into the field, and fighting for its life. Could bring it back, IF you think it has learned its lesson, and will be a diligent paeony from now on.

  2. Star says:

    A lovely poem , Snapdragon. Just goes to prove that plants will do want they want to do. I am sure it has happened to most of us at one time or another.

  3. Snapdragon66 says:

    Yeah I know what you mean lots of my plants get warnings about not flowering and last chances doesn’t work very often though. Thanks for reading and commenting pat

  4. gertie says:

    Patricia, that’s a wonderful poem. I would be very tempted to bring the peony back to the fold, after finding a place that will replicate as much as possible, it’s home in the field. :-)…good luck :-)

    • Snapdragon66 says:

      Thank you Anne writing poetry is another hobby of mine more so in the winter months. I don’t really have the space free for the peony as I replaced it with an oriental poppy very reliable lots of flowers even if they are short lived.

  5. Hayley says:

    I think I read somewhere Pat that Peonys don’t like root disturbance but this one likes to travel it seems! :D
    Love your poem too :)

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