Gertie’s Garden Diary…end of October.

This week, Crystal Palace has been in a cloud, a damp, grey, cool, wet cloud. Gone are all my plans for walkabout with camera, to catch the last flames of acers and sycamores in local gardens, and the old North Wood remnants of oaks and hawthorns, it’s too cold bbrr!!! The chestnut trees are wrinkled and brown, and fast dropping their diseased leaves. Those carmine red Virginia creepers I saw three weeks ago have disappeared, although the ones creeping up the trees are still there. All the abundant greens still in the trees exactly four weeks ago have nearly gone.






Some had barely started their change to Autumn glory and soon they will be stark outlines against a colourless sky: it has been short and sweet .


I can still spot the occasional maple, deep plummy red or flame tipped yellow-orange-red on the outer branches, as I drive past them, but in this dull weather they will soon stop shining, and Winter will take over.

Last year, around this time, people were lamenting the loss of Summer, and the ending of crop lifting and bemoaning the coming of long, and perceived dull Winter days with little to do in their gardens and allotments. At the time I was glad that I didn’t have an allotment, and thus no worries about crops etc. I just pottered about in Gertie’s Garden, tidying up and wondering how my perennials would fare over the coming few months.


This year there are two newcomers in the garden, a pretty, blonde fuchsia, with a blushing purple centre, plus a surprise white flower afterthought on a bush I call shrimp plant, because I can’t remember its proper name. The tiny pink roses on the Blue Hill just flower on and on like butterflies emerging briefly, then dying away after a few days. Through the arbour a fresh, new honeysuckle now blooms with delicate pink and cream flowers; the cherry leaves turn yellow and the
thornless blackberry ones flame, in a corner. :)


I am grateful for the remnants of Autumn colour left, as sweeping up the fallen sycamore leaves, which I don’t even compost as they take so long to rot down, and pruning the roses and stems of past perennials bereft of their former brightness, leaves a slightly desperate feeling for sunshine and a bit more warmth please?! The relatively grim emptiness out there threatens to dim my spirits too, as I struggle to find reasons to turn the grey to a silver lining. Yet look closely and see glowing little spots of bright light embedded in still green foliage; but you do have to look closely, and not be dismayed by the increased proliferation of holey leaves; after all, these are providing food for caterpillars, and at this time of year, caterpillars mean moths, and you like Winter moths  :)





The currant bushes will flame again next year, after they have produced some fruit for our desserts; the wisteria is now more mature and will hopefully blossom more profusely, as long as I wrap it’s potted roots against a cold winter;






…and with Christmas coming, the holly will provide festive colour for indoors, and welcome food for visiting field fares and red wings that visit Gertie’s Garden every year. All in all it’s not as dismal as I was thinking.


Anne, October 2012.


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  1. gertie says:

    Gordon Bennett! I tried to adjust the spacing but got nowhere…sorry folks it’s naff! I can’t understand it!

  2. Hayley says:

    Doesn’t look naff to me Anne! I loved it and your charming vocals, thank you :)

  3. Another great set of pics Anne, well written, I do feel as I’m almost walking around your garden with you :) xx

  4. gibbon says:

    you have the mind of a poet,and a command of the english’ probberly why I love reading your blogs,

  5. Way to go with all those pics, Anne :D!!! I’ve yet to try it in a blog! J

    • gertie says:

      They’re tricky …leastways I find ’em so, but go for it Jane…I wait for your advice on how to get them where you want them; a trick that has so far, passed me by lol! :-)….and thank you ,Anne :-)

  6. karenp says:

    lovely blog and photos too :)

  7. karenp says:

    thank you, once again a great blog very poetic too :)

  8. hetty says:

    Once again Anne a brilliant blog, love walking round your garden with you and what stunning pictures. I know its a cold season but it does produce some wonderful colours

    • gertie says:

      Thank you Kath.
      Oh Kath, I was driving this afternoon, [after purchasing the rescued Teds lol] and sadly, couldn’t stop, but saw the most wonderful red-leaved tree, and looking up at the leaves, the sun was shining thro’ making the leaves glow: it was gorgeous :-)

  9. gibbon says:

    Ann not only can I not get my picks on I can not see yours or anyone elses’es either it is most anoying, otherwise I am fine,

    • gertie says:

      Cliff, can you get help? I don’t understand why you can’t see my pics…..the Teds are celebrating Hallowe’en. I think you’d laugh at that :-) I can understand the difficulties of getting them on…it took me ages to sort it with Karen and BB’s help before I could do it. i had to learn how to use Picasa first too. Good luck :-)

    • VegVamp says:

      Cliff, I am certain that this is a setting in your Chrome browser. Have you someone that can check it for you? Or do you know how to check the settings in Chrome yourself?

  10. Allan says:

    Should have gone to spec savers, Cliff.;)

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