.Hallowe’en at The Crystal Palace Pads. 2012

The Pads Teds have spent the last week and a half thinking about the fun and the parties they are going to have at Hallowe’en. Recently, they have been welcoming newcomers into the community. There will need to be a big name-giving party and sleeping places will have to be found, whether in the gardens or bunking up with new Pads Friends. Anne went out with a friend this morning and trawled around the Charity shops, all of which her friend knew well, and she made a good haul……great fun! Being rescued from who knows whose sticky hands, all the tiny rescued Teds had to have a wash with the resulting indignity of being hung out to dry in the bath room!

 Tonight they will be dried over the storage heaters and then they can meet their new friends and neighbours.

As long ago as the 18th 0f October, the Pads Teds were preparing for future celebrations. The Gardening Teds, from Wisley, Fixley and Wedgely, have been helping Brock in the new garden. They have grown a few super big pumpkins: here’s the first one.






Teds started to gather and collect special party goodies for the next week, and Knitwitch hid around the corner, determined not to show her face until the 31st: she still wants a besom to fly in on. :)






More Teds have been gathering, bringing along chocolate sweetie pumpkins for the forthcoming bash. Excitement is mounting :)







By 29th October, huge spiders were seeking somewhere warm to spin their webs and join in with a bit of fun and mischief! Some of the Teds were quite startled by them, and eyed them fearfully to begin with, but they soon became used to them and the spiders joined in with the party spirit!

Everyone was nearly ready for a fabulous fun Hallowe’en Night. :)

The Teds wish all their Friends, and Anne’s friends too, Happy Hallowe’en!
Anne  30.10.2012.

The Rescued Teds say have a fun Evening!

Addendum with information from a Friend….. :-)

Halloween is based on the festival of Samhain (Summer’s end) from Celtic Ireland.  It is thought to be tied in with the Fire Festivals of the Druids but also it was the end of the “Pastoral” year, when crops were gathered in for storage and animals brought in for the Winter. Of course it was also the last day of the Celtic year and “All Hallows Eve”, when the Souls of the Departed came back to their former homes and Spirits were released from the “Otherworld” and were visible to men!

So fires and witchcraft from the Druids and ghosts from the Otherworld abound! .

Anne,   31.10.2012




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  1. gonewest says:

    Well haven’t they all been busy, hope the new recruits scrub up well for the festivities.

  2. Great pics Anne, hope the teds dry out ok. Happy Halloween teds,have fun :D

  3. Ginnybean says:

    what a great fun set of pics… Happy halloween to all….

  4. gonewest says:

    Guinness is fine thanks. He always enjoys quiz night because Paul the landlord brings him a plate of leftover restaurant meat at score checking time. Until then you’d swear he was watching a tennis match while Paul goes back and forth along the bar serving people. He sits there all patient and as soon as he realises Paul’s coming to him he gets so excited. He nearly falls over trying to give his “thankyou” pawshake.

  5. Happy spooky halloween to you :D
    I could’ve let you have some real spiders if you’d asked, Anne ;)

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