garlic seems to one of the most versatile vegetable’s used today and  used in both the home and restaurants alike

i must admit garlic is not my favorite and i try to avoid eating it where possible

but given that i eat in the works canteen where  many dishes containing garlic are served  more so when i am on a night shift because i tend to eat only traditional breakfast on a days

when i get home in the morning my wife always says you’ve been eating garlic it must stand out a mile when i speak

this is probably one of or the only reasons i don’t like eating garlic  because people tend to take two steps back when your holding a conversation

whats the best thing to eat after you’ve had garlic may be a foxes mint or some chewing gum or a mouth wash

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  1. VegVamp says:

    Chewing some Parsley is supposed to help Roly. I have to admit I do love my garlic, but make I sure my OH and I both eat it at the same time! ;)

  2. Walt says:

    More Garlic ! My wife and I eat raw Garlic every day. We don’t have too many friends but it keeps the vampires at bay ! Seriously though, we think that cooked Garlic lingers longer and, as VV says, chewing Parsley may help somewhat.

  3. gertie says:

    I too love garlic :-) Thanks for the parsley tip :-)

  4. gonewest says:

    Some Indian restarurants have a bowl of what looks like pot pourri on the counter when you pay, or they bring it to the table. It’s not pot pourri at all, but I can’t remember what it’s called. Anyway, it’s usually fennel seeds (some coated in coloured sugar) but it can contain other gently aromatic and scented seeds, herbs and spices too that are supposed to take away the garlic dragon’s-breath, and aid digestion too. So if you see it, put a teaspoonful in your hand to take with you. You pick up a pinch at a time from your hand to chew as you wander off, thus sweetening your breath. You can buy bags of it in Indian shops too.

    My Mum and Dad never ate anything with garlic in, so if I had eaten something they noticed a mile off. But if you are around other people that eat it regularly you don’t notice. I’m afraid I do eat it pretty regularly, it’s good for all sorts of things like keeping too many colds at bay, and cleansing the blood, think it’s meant to help reduce cholesterol too. I do know it has many benefits although I can’t remember what they all are. Yep, Walt, vampire repelling – that’s one.

  5. Beanstew says:

    I have NEVER been troubled by vampires, so I know that the prodigious amount of garlic I eat is working. Possibly my breath is objectionable, but no one has reeled back in revulsion, or told me so – I have chewed parsley on occasion in case. And I love roasted garlic too, especially mixed with other roasted veg, or in a winter soup with green lentils and Kabanossi sausage. Must put it in the recipe section, and get you all searching furiously for more parsley.

  6. Earlier in the year my m-in-l presented me with a stainless steel ‘bar of soap’ thing that supposedly takes away the smell of garlic from your hands if you just ‘pretend’ to wash your hands with it :? Was she trying to tell me something?

  7. gibbon says:

    some people do not like the smell of garlic just like some people do not like the smellof cigaret smoke, but garlick is surposed to save you haveing hart trubbles not like cigarates that are blamed for every thing under the sun,

  8. Walt says:

    We like soup made with several heads of Garlic, shallots, chicken stock and olive oil. I remember going into work one day and I must have been reeking ! The office building was due for it’s annual clean up and one girl came in and said : Phew ! We can cancel the fumigation now, Wally’s done it !!

  9. Beanstew says:

    This sounds great Walt – so hope you will put it in the recipe section for me and the brave among us, to try out.

  10. Miriam says:

    NT, those stainless steel tablets work, although any stainless steel will do the trick, so you could use one of your other kitchen implements instead. I’ve got one, and I use it all the time, brilliant.

  11. Miriam says:

    Roly, your wife probably notices it because you never eat garlic dishes at home… my Asian friend chews a handful of indian parsley, but the trouble is, what she doesn’t realise is its coming out of her skin. If you eat several cloves in a meal, 4 hours later it will be coming from skin pores. I know this because years ago, we had a friend who at all the beef in garlic at the Chinese restaurant, inclduding 6 whole cloves of garlic contained in it – 4 hours later, none of us could stand to be in the room with him. We’d all eaten garlic, but only a regular amount as a flavouring in other dishes.

  12. Miriam says:

    I forgot to say there is other evidence to suggest what you eat ‘flavours’ your skin or sweat – in countries where dairy products are never consumed, the people who live there say people who do eat dairy smell funny.

  13. roly says:

    i really enjoyed reading these replies so what your saying is kissing the wife is definitely out after eating garlic lol

  14. gonewest says:

    Well yes I suppose so, unless she’s eaten some too which doesn’t sound likely in your case.

    • Allan says:

      When i bought a filleting set for doing the fish i catch,There was one of the stainless steel pong gone thingys in there, I read the instructions and used it ,Surprise!! it really works.Haven’t tried it with garlic yet though. Best thing to have after eating garlic is,A tot of Drambuie, Or two.

  15. roly says:

    Drambuie that’s a new one on me a tot or two sound a good remedy to me

    i don’t think eating garlic may be a good idea for those mistletoe kisses ime expecting at Christmas dream on

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