This One is for Earlywinter (Stu) – before he cuts his throat.

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  1. AliCat says:

    Aww Bless Him…..He Needs Cheering Up lol

  2. Snapdragon66 says:

    Made me laugh we had the same sort of thing at our local tip where they have a sign saying if you need help ask except of course if you have a builders bag full of hedge cuttings not that heavy but bulky and awkward to lift then it’s a no to helping ‘cos of elf and safety innit?’
    We were the only ones in there one day so pulled up alongside the bin for old TV’s instead of parking in a bay and carrying it across. Sure enough a guy in yellow vest appeared and told us to park in a bay pointing to the sign my husband said we just want to put this in the bin we are not blocking any ones way in or out. No he says you have to park in the bay so we did so and opened the boot to get my sisters huge old TV out and he came across grabbed it dropped it on the ground dragged it across to the container by it’s lead and then left it on the ground beside it because it was too heavy to lift, which makes perfect sense right?

  3. Miriam says:

    Oh I do like John Bishop,he always makes me laugh. But then the things that make me laugh the most are always tales of the ridiculousness of real life experiences…

  4. gertie says:

    :D oh thanks for that Sheila :D :D :D :D

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