Waiting for the violence…

Because I usually manage to miss the weather forecast, I’ve set my machine to record it late at night, when it goes out as Weatherview. This is how its listed in the Library on the machine for Wednesday:

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  1. roly says:

    could we be expecting Gail force winds i wonder?

  2. gertie says:

    Just frustrated folks wanting something brighter and throwing old socks at the telly! :D

  3. gibbon says:

    tha’t’s not about fish going to drop another clanger is it,

  4. Beanstew says:

    Can we hope to be entertained by some irritated member of the public trying to duff up the weatherman? Or at least chase him round the studio, and give him some verbals? I’d switch on for that!

  5. Miriam says:

    I’ve had a visitor here for the last 4 hours or so – I showed him the display on the telly, and he nearly cried with laughter. I like your suggestion best, BS – the way the weather’s been, I’d have quite liked to beat the weatherman about the head with a brolly myself… However, I can assure you, having watched it, there is nothing remotely resembling violence in it, unless you count him clicking a bit hard on that ole button…

  6. VegVamp says:

    Oh that is brilliant Miriam – Love it!
    If I had got hold of Michael Fish in 1987 there would have been scenes of extreme violence I can tell you. I was in a yacht when that hit us. Had been watching the barometer fall through the floor, so knew if was going to be fairly bad, but it was horrendous!

  7. Allan says:

    Karen ,I was fishing out of Fethard on sea, The day of the Fastnet tragedy, The forecast was force 5 max, We were outside the bar and the water was boiling over it,We had to sit the tide out,out there, All the airwaves were in use, A lot of people died that day,

  8. Miriam says:

    I was indoors with my young children, luckil, it hit overnight. I got woken up by the wind early hours of the morning. Living in the south east, we were worst hit I think – next day, couldn’t walk to school, roads and pavements blocked, covered in fallen trees and great limbs wrenched off, branches and general debris like chimney pots, roof slates, fencing, cars, bikes, bins, trees leaning against houses, smashed through the walls and roof of some (there are a lot of trees in this borough). The only sign of it as far as my flat and garden were concerned was the buddleia – flat on its side, wrenched out the ground.

  9. VegVamp says:

    That was a dreadful day Allan, I think 15 lost their lives, in Force 11 winds and mountainous seas. 1979? Glad I wasn’t out in it. Were you trying to get into Slade Harbour? Dunmore East? Bet that was a bit rock and roll.
    We had a full Force 9 with higher gusts during that storm in 1987, more than enough for me, took us 19 hours getting to shelter in Girvan, in the dark. Rarely been so glad to see dry land.

  10. VegVamp says:

    Yes, Miriam, the South got the worst of the 1987 storm, full force 12, with winds speeds over 100 MPH Quite a few lost their lives that day as well.

  11. Beanstew says:

    And I have a misty recollection of an earlier storm affecting the same area – wasn’t Canvey Island involved? When was that?

  12. VegVamp says:

    1953 BS, according to Google! ;)

  13. gertie says:

    Yew, even around Crystal Palace we had enormous fallen trees, blocked roads, smashed cars. I have photos somewhere…pre-digital though.

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