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I’ve been reading through the articles, and the one on “Gardening Trends” in the Telegraph caught my eye.  This method of growing might be called ‘Kokedama’ in Japan – but in Australia its called String Gardening.  I saw this clip on Youtube some time ago, and thought it could be a terrific indoor feature in many houses, and might also ease that sense of wistfulness and waiting for Spring to arrive, that is gripping so many of us just now.  I’d be really interested to hear if any of our Australian members have tried this.

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  1. Miriam says:

    Oh gawd, I ain’t laughed so much in ages! I’m sure you didn’t mean this to be funny, and I’m not meaning to knock anyone who thinks this is a great idea and finds the dangling, moving about in the breeze, sideways on plants attractive, each to his own and all that, but I can’t take it seriously at all. In fact, I’m sending the link to my sister, who I’m absolutely certain will cry with laughter at the idea, as I did. Maybe I’m just a total philistine at heart, but there’s this voice in my head saying what’s wrong with a +*&$ing pot… I’m just wondering if I could convince the Tate that a bit of string strung across a room with a selection of toilet brushes covered in glitter is art…

  2. Beanstew says:

    You’ve no artistic soul Miriam, but I’m glad you enjoyed it, even if not quite in the way I intended. I think it could make quite a feature of a large window – but each to his own (sniff). Like your new avatar by the way – suits you!

    • gertie says:

      I saw balls of growing plants like this at the Hampton Court show earlier this year….but they were on the ground !! Honest!! :D

    • Miriam says:

      I think I do have a large artistic streak, or I wouldn’t be a good painter/decorator/garden designer, but I’m in no doubt at all that any artistic sense I have is firmly curtailed by a very wide countering streak of practicalit, pragmatism and common sense, BS. Not to mention a strong sense of the ridiculous… I hang my head in shame if you think they’re wonderful, these ‘string’ gardens, but I must report that I saw my (rather arty farty) sister’s face as she watched that video. And as I’d expected, it was an absolute picture, to the point where I was clutching my stomach in intense pain whilst the tears were pouring down my face… neither of us could speak properly for nearly 20 minutes. And boy, did I need that laugh, I feel a lot brighter since!

  3. Miriam says:

    And by the way, the avatar is a photo of the first Christmas card I received this year – from someone on a site who I’ve not met! I thought it was great…

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