Out with the old ,,,,,, and all that old tosh !!!

What can i possibly say hat has not been said already ?

When the old GC , was laid to rest , i , for one , was left totaly bereft .

When you struggle sometimes , to even get out of your front door , to get to your own little corner of Gods earth , little things , like a silly (to my wife ) , on line community , mean the bloody world .

So how happy was i , when the new GC , , rose like the phoeinix from the ashes . If only , there could be this much feel of community , within , the community .

I wish you all , a very happy Xmas . I look forward to a better year on the ‘ lottie ‘ . I thank , and praise , the wonderfull team that have managed to re-build this web site , and most of all , i thank you all , for reading , and listening to my inane ramblings .

I do not know what the appropriate sign off line should be , if you are a fisherman , it would be tight lines ,

If you were a flat green bowler , it would be , ‘ Winter well ‘,

All i can wish is that we all , stay well , stay safe , and be happy .

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  1. Hello Andy, lovely blog and lovely to have you here :D
    Lots of lovely lottie time to you in 2013!! :D :D

  2. Beanstew says:

    So glad you popped back on before Christmas Andy, so I could wish you all good things for the festive season – although what’s really of burning importance, is the weather for next season. I have everything crossed – and its not a pretty sight – but I will spare you the detail. Speak to you soon

  3. gibbon says:

    I well know what you mean about the loss of the old site and the joy of the new one,living on my own with no family, this site is grate company and lovely friends, hope you and yours have a lovely and Christmas, and a productive new season,

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