Shirley arrived at the Crystal Palace Pads on the 20th December, 2012. She was tired and her head hurt. She had been sitting in hospital all day on the table at the Nurses’ Station. There the kind nurses did their best to take care of her, having wrapped up her bumps and bruises after her nasty accident.


Nurse Maria, the Nurse in charge, had decided that her best course of action would be to take Shirley to a permanent home where she could be with other bears like herself and where she would undoubtedly be very happy. Thus, that evening, after a long working day, Nurse Maria visited the Pads and took Shirley with her. Imagine Shirley’s delight when she found, not only other bears like herself, but other bears of other kinds too, all happy to welcome her to the Community and make her one of them; one of the Teds. J Immediately a comfy bed was found so that Shirley could rest and rid herself of the tiresome headache.



  Shirley might always have to wear her bandages, but she would soon be her bright and cheery self again, without any more aching head.  J She was looking forward so much, to life at the Pads, and already the other Teds were telling her tales of things to come. Christmas was approaching and there was a general air of mounting excitement at the Pads. Visitors were expected: visitors who came every year on the Eve of Christmas Day. They came from the North Pole in a shining blue sleigh, the Teds said, a sleigh packed with jolly helpers, sacks of presents and a fat red-coated man with many names.


All around her, Shirley could see pretty lights, and fir trees, some decorated with sparkling tinsel. There was a Music Room, kitchen, Art Room; the excitement of the Ted story tellers was infectious, and tired, little Shirley fell asleep in her new, cosy bed, to rest her aches and pains and dream them away, safe in her new-found shining home, surrounded by her new friends. J



Tutu was discussing her arrival with mouse and Nelly.


Wilhelmina lived just next door, and her Swiss UNICEF friends, next door to that, in their top flat J It was lovely J

Just in time to wish you all happy Christmas :-)

Anne, 20.12.2012,


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  1. cilla says:

    Shirley is a lucky bear to have found such a good home. I hope Santa realises where she is!

  2. gertie says:

    Santa found her. She has pressies and a new, close friend, Agnes, and a pet pussy cat!! :-) thank you Cilla :-)

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