That’s out the way , onwards and upwards !!!

Hope a good time was had by one and all , but honestly , how many of you sat there at tea time , bloated like the Michelin Man , purveying  the wreckage of the Argos catalogue , one of Bernard Matthew’s finest Norfolk blacks , and the other half snoring on the sofa , and not thought , ‘ Thank God that is out the way ‘ .

I have to be really honest . I plied my other half with as much Christmas ‘spirit ‘ as i could . Not for any reason other than , i knew there was no way she would surface before lunch time , on Boxing Day . Bless her , she just does not get the whole ‘ lottie’ menatlity at all . No more than i get the whole Bingo thing , but each to their own .

Anyhow , it worked out , that it stopped raing , mid-morning on Boxing day , so i set off , suitably equipped with my trusty flask , a packet of hob-nobs , and some new batteries for my radio .

On arrival , the first thing that was readily evident , was the amount of flood water , submerging some of the plots , adjacent too , but below mine . Poor buggers .

On the whole though , compared to other regions , i guess we should consider ourselves quite fortunate . No doubt by mid-may , we will be getting threatened with a bloody hose pipe ban !!!

So i settled myself down , in the comfort of the shed , had a brew , with an expertly dunked hob-nob , sorted out my seeds , just to check and confirm in my own mind , what to order from Mr DT Brown , [ or whoever ], and i suddenly realised , that there was not another person , not a living soul on the site at all .

As i supped my brew , watched a pied wagtail flitting about its business , and looked out across my slightly neglected , but seasonally weary ‘lottie’ , i was truly at peace . The silence was deafening , the tranquility , sublime . My little piece of heaven .

So , onwards and upwards . Whatever problems , and adversities good old mother nature throws at us , this coming season , good luck and a happy new year to each and every one of you out there in GC world .

Stay well , stay safe , stay happy . XXX .


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  1. gertie says:

    those precious few moments with Nature :-)
    ….and happy New year Andy :D

  2. Happy New Year to you, too, Andy :D Having one’s own space – you can’t beat it, especially when yours is outside in the fresh air whatever the weather :D

  3. Beanstew says:

    Bit bemused Andy, if I’m honest, by the picture of you plying your wife with Christmas spirit, in order to get down to your plot on Boxing Day – but then I remember just how having a partner can sometimes limit what individuals want to do – especially in achieving that “perfect peace that passes all understanding”. So I will wish you lots of those opportunities in the coming year, and hopefully trust that your wife’s liver can withstand it – because that peace is worth a great deal, and its priceless to be able to find it.

    • ANDY B says:

      Oh trust me BS , i would never ply my wife with alcohol , for anything other than medical , or horticultural purposes . Idon’t get bingo , she don’t get lotties . So if alcoholic intrvention is needed , to assist my vegetative interests , so be it . Least we are all happy . Happy new year BS . XXX .

  4. Great blog Andy, if the weather improves off to my plot with Other half, he’s along for the heavy stuff!!!!Have just got the allotment. so looking forward to the peace &quiet and being amongst nature. :)

  5. shedsue says:

    Well done Andy, getting to plot on Boxing day :) High 5 LOL..
    Happy new year to you

    • ANDY B says:

      Hey there Shedsue . Know what , i cannot wait for New Years Day . Spent the last one down there , the solitude , and peace was great then , and i had not even got a proper shed then !!!! Have made my New Year resolutions already . Grow more crops , smoke less fags , and embrace the whole wine making experience . Hvae a good one . Stay well , stay safe , stay happy . XXX .

  6. cilla says:

    Great blog Andy, know what you mean about space. it is very important. Having lived on my own for 30 odd years and now living with someone in a bungalow with only one reception room, I very rarely have any space at this time of the year! Enjoy your shed and lottie. Might have to save up to put electricity in the summerhouse!
    Wishing you a healthy, happy and productive New Year.

  7. Miriam says:

    Well, conversely, I’m sorry it’s over! Even I don’t believe I’m saying that, but I had such a relaxed, pleasant and fun time in Bristol with both my sons and one of their partners, together with my ex husband (kid’s dad) that the only reason I was glad to get home was to sleep in my own bed. I’m now feeling a bit isolated, its made me realise just how much of a hermit I’ve become. On the other hand, I didn’t have to ‘do’ Christmas – I never did a thing, not even peeling brussels sprouts or washing up. AND I got a totally unexpected extra present with which I was highly delighted – a Google Nexus 7 32gig tablet, yay! Since I got home, I’ve spent all my time playing scrabble on the desktop and Words for Free on the Nexus…

    • Beanstew says:

      Well I’m really pleased that you had a good family Christmas, because you didn’t seem to be looking forward much to Christmas beforehand. I wonder why it is that events not particularly anticipated, often turn out to be the best?

      • Miriam says:

        er no, I certainly wasn’t looking forward to it, BS. But there is method in my madness – any little trickles of anticipation I might have felt creeping in were firmly squashed down, because I, too, have noticed that things anticipated with much excitement are often a huge let down. And frankly, I was worried there might be a bit of a blow up between eldest son and his father, who rarely see one another… but it was all fine.

    • gertie says:

      Oh Miriam…you did make it :-) with all that rain and train truobles I feared you wouldn’t. Happy New Year :-)

      • Miriam says:

        We nearly didn’t – the trains were chaos, seat reservations were not honoured and they cancelled our particular train anyway, cos of flooding. But it was okay, we got there, just a little late.

  8. dandlyon says:

    I see my family so often during the year Christmas was only different in the fact I saw all 14 on the same afternoon.Had my first Christmas dinner on the 22nd just myself youngest son and his girl friend ,Sunday they flew to North Carolina .Christmas day my cousin came to me and had my second Christmas dinner her children were away for Christmas.,on the afternoon all my famiily came the house was packed,all the left overs were finished turkey pork ham fell into bed in the early hours of boxing morning and slept like a log New Year will do it all over again I do not know how many more reunions I will see so making the most of them

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