my daughter gave the wife and  me a surprise present for Christmas  a trip to the Chelsea  flower show i was always a bit sceptical about going to Chelsea

we have been to the NEC Birmingham on a number of occasions because its only about an hour away from us

i left of going to the NEC because it seemed to be  getting   more expensive each time and  basically the same format that i wasn’t that interested in

i hope Chelsea will offer more interest and hopefully an enjoyable day i don’t know why but i always get the feeling that Chelsea is rammed with people and we mite be like a sardine in a tin but that’s only my thinking i hope ime wrong

has anyone been to Chelsea if so did you like it was it crowded your comments will be much appreciated

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  1. gertie says:

    Went in 2008, for the first time Roly, and I loved it. :-) so much to see, and ideas to harvest, new plants to gaup over and nice places to sit and have a cuppa; daft ideas and good ideas abound, and if you are rich or have saved up a bit, pretty extras to buy too. :-) I hope it’s still as good. Have been to Hampton Court since, twice. It’s smaller, slightly different yet familiar. I have enjoyed all the visits. I do hope that you enjoy it…what a lovely present! Anne :-)

  2. Snapdragon66 says:

    Now that is a present I wouldn’t mind having but I would want to go with a fellow garden enthusiast as my hubby, although willing to drive me to various local shows etc, isn’t interested in plants at all. My friend Jan and her daughter went a few years ago and I was disgusted they didn’t buy a single plant or a packet of seeds. I always think it looks very overcrowded unless you are one of the ‘elite’ who get to go before it is opened to the rest of us. :-)

  3. dandlyon says:

    Roly I went to the NEC last year my free bus travel pass covers the train journey.I enjoyed the show but the surrounings at the NEC are depressing from the train its like one long walk to departure areas at an airport,the outside displays are surrounded by buildings,most off putting.The food hall was expensive.The Cardiff spring show held in the grounds of Cardiff castle was an excellant day out with the added bonus I met some clickers

  4. cilla says:

    I went quite a few years ago now and it was in the tuesday which, I think, was RHS day. However I did enjoy it. One of those things which you ought to do once. Lots to see,floral marquee and all those show gardens and glimpses of the rich and famous. Lucky you, just go and enjoy it. You might find it isn’t your cup of tea but it is free and an experience.

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