Great Hair and a Helluva Beard – but not Food Production as I Know It.

I came across this clip of a charming man, who is the Allotment Rep for an Allotment Garden in Bristol.  He also runs a permaculture kitchen garden team serving pakora at the Glastonbury Festival, and some of you may have come across him there.  I have a poor grasp of Permaculture, and doubtless I missed the full potential of everything his plot has to offer – but I just kept wondering, “Where’s the food?” And I wondered what he put in the pakora.

This man would obviously be able to survive in a famine while the rest of us faded away.  But I for one, don’t fancy my chances against the birds, in the attempt to harvest hawthorn berries.  And I don’t know if I would want to be on an adjoining allotment, although the craic would be good.

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  1. gertie says:

    How fascinating Sheila :-) …..he knows his onions, and yet he didn’t ditch the cigarette which sat oddly with the rest of him I felt….and he’s based in Bristol….and Glastonbury too. Wonder if son, or my friend, who does the face make-up, has met him there?

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