Calling the GardenClickers Techie Geeks…..

1047132-Cartoon-Computer-Geek-With-A-Messy-OfficeDandlyon asked me a very pertinent question yesterday – which was, “Is there some way we could have an easy way to find tips easily, and some of the really valuable stuff that has been lodged on our site, by people who really know what they are talking about.”

Tony had wanted to refer someone to mickyp’s composting DVD, but could not find it, or a link to it.  When I saw this, I tried the Search Box which has been sitting at the top of the page since Day 1 – but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere at all.

I think what we are really asking is for some sort of reference system, whereby items worth keeping are tagged by captions which can be recalled through an alphabetical system.  I am no nerd, and it may be that this represents hundreds of coding hours – but it may also be possible to buy an add-on which would enable us to do this.

I know Gibbon and Owdboggy have been doing their best to use the Chat facility, but it seems to me that it is not much used by our membership.  Is it a possibility that our treasures could be lodged here in a retrievable fashion?  I don’t know what others think of this idea, so please make your opinions known.

Is an alphabetical reference system a possibility?   What would it entail?  Are there any additional costs?  What would be the best way to do it?

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  1. Yes, I agree, Sheila. We need a search system of some sort. The one at the top is just to search members’ names, I think. I’ve tried marking ‘my favourites’ for things I might want to look at again but I don’t think the option is always given. I expect that we would have to tag all forum posts – this is where I would expect most searches to be made – and this would make the search alphabetical which would make most sense to me. :wacko:

  2. gibbon says:

    I compleatly agree with you BS’ but if we can biy rather than have your lad with gray hair we should, we don’t begrudge a bob or two, so if possable order the best and rattle the tin, :yes:

  3. Veggiepatch says:

    Hello all it was me that was directed to the video and I couldn’t find it either, a search option would be great but I wouldn’t want to say search composting and bring up every post, forum or click.

    The trouble with search facilities is deciding what is valuable information and what could be incorrect.

    To overcome this perhaps a “how too” section where topical information is stored and a search facility is put on that.


  4. Duncan says:

    The search function is on the list. :)

  5. Duncan says:

    The referencing system sounds very complicated and would indeed be a lot of work. I’ve had a brief look about for some sort of software that would allow us to search across the site and I think the potential is there. Bit of work required to get it running but faint heart never won fair maiden.

  6. Beanstew says:

    Attaboy! Knew you would work something out for us. Many thanks for a quick response.

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