Biggles’ Cunning Plan. Part Four of Whoops! a Magic carpet story.

Biggles’ Cunning Plan

Part Four of Whoops! a Magic carpet story. J


Susie and Karrie were sleeping on couches in the kitchen of Pirite and Tresor. The tall White House was being rebuilt in the pads.


                     BB had changed the doors around so that they opened the right way. Soon Clementine and citron could have their favourite bedroom back, and so could Oliver and Tanbo. This would leave an upstairs room free in the Pads.

Biggles thought that if he cleaned the free room and made it all beautiful for them, the girlie Teds, Karrie and Susie, could be offered the space, and they would thank him for his thoughtfulness and kindness.


Biggles went in search of a vacuum cleaner.He  looked at an old cleaner, thanked the little grey Teds politely, but chose another hoover in the green kitchen.



He took off his flying jacket for the task ahead …..

He borrowed the machine and proceeded to vacuum clean the carpet in the empty Pad with cheery good will. It looked lovely J


When everything was clean and tidy, and the new bed delivered and made up for the two Teds by Biggles himself, he put some fresh flowers, scented, red roses, in a vase, donned his flying jacket and set off on the Magic Carpet to bring back Susie and Karrie. What a surprise they would haveJ


Meanwhile, from the White House, covers were washed and hung to dry.


The front of the house was touched up with white paint…just a little   J



…and here the Giant Teds, Goliath and George, showed how willing they were to help their friends, Goliath being a painter by trade: and BB made a trough over the front door to hold flowers.




After some pictures had been rehung, freshly washed carpets laid, and covers put on the re-situated beds, Citron, Clementine, Oliver and Tanbo moved back into their home.

Oliver and Tanbo snuggled down straight away in their favourite corner by the window once more. The view wasn’t so good, but they were happy. J


Clementine and Citron were thrilled to sit in their kitchen again and opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. J


Biggles’ cunning plan was working nicely…so far, so good. J

He sat himself comfortably on the Magic Carpet and flew off to the cottage where Pirite and Trésor lived.


After offering each cheek for a polite peck in greeting from the French Teds, Biggles turned to the girlie Teds and said,

“I have a surprise for you.”

He handed them a ribbon printed with little pink hearts.

“Put these on as blindfolds” he said, “We are off on another mystery tourJ

Susie and Karrie, having long forgotten their disappointment at not being able to climb the bird feeders, giggled, and helped each other to tie on the blindfolds. This was fun J A startled Pirite and Trésor waved “Au revoir!”

Off went four Teds on the Magic Carpet, Biggles at the back as usual, in the traditional ‘Pilots’ position’. They could feel the whoosh of passing air, the warmth rising from the heater on the wall behind the Pads, the scent from clean sheets on the bed J


They whooshed off!

Gently…..bomp!…..they landed.     [Now Biggles was so full of his grand idea that he had no doubts whatever that his cunning plan to ingratiate himself with the girlie Teds, Susie in particular, would work. I wonder if it will?]

With a flourish, Biggles whipped off their blindfolds…..

”Da-dah!” he shouted!


“Ooh, how lovelyJ” breathed Karrie.

Susie Ted looked at Biggles, looked around the cosy room, and wondered…..

“It’s your new PadJ” declared Biggles with a grin.

It was all very comfortable. A new pink bed and a space all their own, big enough to share if they wanted to, and there were baby Teds downstairs…..


In the White House, were four very happy Teds. There was planting to do at the front of the house, but Spring was on its way back and meanwhile a few hardy plants flowered in the trough J



It seemed that everyone was happyJ

Citron, Clementine, Tanbo and Oliver were back in their favourite Pad with all their friends in the neighbourhood around them J

The girlie Teds, Susie and Karrie had a delightful new Pad of their own, and it was in proximity to adorable baby Teds J



…..and Biggles?

He remembered the giggles from Susie and Karrie, the delight on their faces when they realised it was their new Pad to which he had flown them on their Mystery Trip…..not to mention those cuddly thank yous….. J

cuddly hugs


Anne      25.02.2013



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  1. shedsue says:

    Fabulosso Anne…I want biggles, he such a handy bear :good: (unlike one I know) ;-) and the girls got their hero…I got waylaid in the kitchen with Clementine drinking the wine though ;-)

    A really lovely really should get them printed :yes:

  2. gertie says:

    Thank you Sue :rose: I am writing about Shedted and the Teds. it’s a bit tongue-in-cheeky so when I get my printer up and running, I’ll send you and Bazzer and Shedted of course, a copy, to see if you approve or not. Soon I hope, well by the end of the week maybe. :unsure: :yes: :bye:

  3. karenp says:

    you most certainly should get these put into a book, i’m certain children would love them, oh! and the big kids too :yes:

  4. gibbon says:

    I conpleatly agree, with the comments and look forward to the book, and as I said before I know two young girls that are also waiting as well, your stories are improving with every tale, I just wish that your confedence would grow with them, :good:

  5. gertie says:

    :rose: :rose: Thank you Karen and Cliff. Printer nearly ready apparently :good: :mail: :yes: :-)

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