potatoes £11.00 a bag

i don’t beleave it! £11.00 for a bag of eating potatoes that’s what the wife said they where selling bags of spuds for £11.00 a bag down the village

having said that i haven’t seen a great increase in price for seed potatoes although i ordered the bulk of my seed spuds in September last year and there was a delivery charge added to the price

i also bought some seed spuds at my local garden centre and they didn’t seam over priced

fingers crossed we have a half decent season this year for our potato crops

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  1. VegVamp says:

    Grief Roly that is bad! :cry: I still have some in store, thank goodness, but don’t think they will quite last until the 1st earlies are ready. Might have to pop a few in the cold frame! :yes:

  2. Vistamoraira says:

    Have you found your seed potatoes smaller this year? I’ve received mine from JBA in Scotland and a lot of them are “pebbles”. Was thinking about planting two to a station, but not sure?

    • VegVamp says:

      Hayley is spot on VM, leave it at one per station, they will only compete with each other and you’ll get less yield. Mine seem to be about the same size as last year, about the size of a hen’s egg?

  3. Hayley says:

    Definitely wouldn’t be buying them at that price Roly, what a shocker! I’d resist putting two in together VM, they need a bit of space. :yes:

  4. Flighty says:

    Without knowing what size/weight bag, or which variety, there’s no way of tellling if they’re overpriced or not!

  5. pinecone says:

    £11 for potatoes i used to buy a sack for £5.00 mind you we’re living on storecupboard leftover rice and pasta at the mo cause are spud harvest was naff last year :cry:

  6. karenp says:

    i’ve noticed lately how much they’ve gone up, at my local farm shop last year a bag of dirty maris piper were £1.20 this year they’re £1.70, thats a big jump. i’m hoping to have enough to get me through most of the winter as i’ve ordered more seed potatoes this time :good:

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