A gardening weekend, well sort of!

My gardening weekend started on Thurs eve, when OH and I took the two large empty compost bins down to the lottie, (I had no hope of getting them in a ford KA, did see if it was at all possible!!!)We positioned them and put the ever growing pile of grass and weeds without big roots , those with came home to be put in my green bin, the skip on the lottie site is full to overflowing and being on the short side I had or have no chance of being able to put anything in it.

Fri afternoon, after looking after grandson in the morning the rainclouds  that were threatening cleared, so armed with various seed packets,trowel, hoe &watering can ( i have no shed yet :-( ) I set off to the allotment, I managed to sow a row of carrots, swede, beetroot& parsnips in the bed set aside for roots.  Then lettuce, Swiss chard ‘bright lights’ & perpetual spinach in another bed. No sign of any potatoes yet, think I’m being ever so slightly optimistic they have only been in for abut 2 weeks  ;-).

Saturday.  I had a optician’s appointment, which I new might just be a little costly £289 :cry: but what i hadn’t bargained for was the drops that the optician put in my eye, I have been having a few problems with my left eye, so she put these drops into dilate my pupils, &then check the back of the eye. They did that indeed and for the next 4 hrs I found being outside in the sunshine rather uncomfortable and my vision rather strange, all normal side effects, I was assured, which kind off put paid to the walk we had planned around Arne nature reserve & Corfe castle. we did manage lunch in the tea room at Corfe. (always next weekend as its a bank holiday) I did manage later on in the day when my sight had returned to normal! to sow my cauliflower ‘sunset’, romanesco, courgette &20 ‘kelvedon wonder’& Balmoral peas, also sweetcorn and flower seed of cosmos sonata dwarf white& sonata mix.

Sunday was a non gardening day, ironing :yahoo: I have a empty basket 1st time since Dec, and helped OH with some decorating.I’m of to catch up with my TV watching whilst eating some chocolate :-) I’m looking forward to next weekend as its Bank holiday so a extra day to do something enjoyable with :yes:


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  1. Hayley says:

    A very productive few days Lynn and a great read, thank you :-) Ahhh and the dreaded ironing is done too, well done persevering with that, I’m afraid the great outdoors is like a magnet for me and the ironing basket just keeps increasing. Still, never mind, I’ll be re-washing the clothes soon so then I’ll have an empty one like you ;-)

  2. Hi Hayley, Thank-you for reading my blog, yes the dreaded ironing, like you any sunny weather i would always rather be outside, even more so now having a lottie to play in :yes: If-your ironing pile contains anything wintry I’d just fold it and put it away until the end of the year ;-) out of sight out of mind. Hope you had a good w/end and a good time with Beanstew. :good: :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Busy busy :yes: … and you find time to write too :yes: Hope the eye is better now :rose: I haven’t done potatoes yet and am leaving the beans until later. Are you going to sow runner beans Lynn?xx A :rose:

    • Hi Anne, yes the eye is better now thank-you, will be even better when i get my new spec’s. Yes I am sowing beans, I’m going to sow then direct into the soil, hopefully this w/end, ken’s going to come with me to get the bamboo poles 6’6in or 7′ I wont get them in my little car!!! Glad the postman called :good: :yes: :rose:

      • gibbon says:

        what I do Lynn is get an old bike wheel and putit on top of a stout pole some like 2×2 or better still 3×3, with 6 INCH nail then put strings down (garden line ) to pegs in the ground to form a wigwam, leaving plenty of room inside unlike the normal wigwam,this gives you plenty of room for the beans to grow, and a lot more room to pick them you can use canes rather than string, but the string is good enough, just one of those out of date methords that have proved the best over meny years,. and the cost is so small, :yes: :good:

  4. cilla says:

    Lovely blog Lynn, you have had a good weekend. Hope you ironed those tea towels! ;-) Shall look forward to some photos soon.

  5. Sounds good fun, Lynn :good: Glad your eye has improved :yes:

  6. shedsue says:

    A great w/e for you Lynn and great blog.. :good: and yes specs are sooo expensive :cry:

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