Back in the game , and don’t i know it !!!

Hi one and all .

After my lay up , i have been throwing myself back into the throng , doing my best , to make my little corner , of the big fellas garden look good . I have had the occasional hour or two of help , from my youngest son . Very recently dumped , by his girlfriend , of three years , i thought it would be a anger , management plan to get him digging , a bit .

Oh , how the aching heart , and feeling of rejection , aides you to wield one , bloody minded , evil , Dutch hoe .

With unabated , steely determination , Plot 29 , is now beginning to look a bit like a ‘ lottie ‘ , rather than a testing ground for the next generation , of triffids !!

We have got in rows of spuds , cabbage , cauli , onions , shallots , and all the stuff , that should be in by now , and god knows what in the cold frame . 

I am sat here now , pleased as Punch , with my progress , given the miserable start i had to the year .

So good to be back in the game . Dirty finger nails , high hopes , plans  , and expectations , but my God do i know about it .

I bloody well ache . The only thing that is not crying out for a little bit of physical sympathy at the moment , is my eye-brows , cos everything else is aching .

Happy days .

Stay well , stay safe , stay happy . XXX .

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  1. Beanstew says:

    So glad to know that your eyebrows have escaped the physical onslaught your body has been subjected to, and that you are still able to raise them sardonicaly for our delectation, Andy. I’m sorry for your son, but the medicine you prescribed is good for that ailment – physical activity and Nature’s balm of silence in the open air – is almost as good as getting old for putting things in perspective – and will help him to sleep the dreamless sleep of exhaustion. On the plus side, you have caught up – while many of us are still scrabbling to get there desperately – but the negative might be that you empathise with your son, and feel his sadness too. It used to drive me absolutely bonkers that I was obliged to feel my offsprings’ hurts along with them, when everything in my own garden was rosy – it was so damned unfair! But maybe that’s a motherly thing, and you have escaped it. I hope so.

  2. gertie says:

    Crumbs, Andy, I ache with you :wacko:… but good ennit :yes: :-)

  3. cilla says:

    Good to know you are back in the gardening world and suffering the aches along with the rest of us! Sorry about your son, been there and it feels like the end of the world for a while but things will get better and you are giving him the best therapy there is. :good:

  4. Hayley says:

    ‘Tis a happy ache though Andy and, as BS said, a marvellous way to cure any form of insomnia as you collapse exhausted but satisfied from a day slogging. I hope your son too will feel the benefit of that to help him through his emotional crisis :yes:

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