World Naked Gardening Day!

Just had a Tweet on twitter:

Ah! It’s world naked gardening day this weekend. Why are your plans??

Might be interesting down the allotment this weekend!


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  1. Are they doing their gardening today in Abbey Gardens nr Malmesbury? Still just a tad chilly for me & the community now breathes a huge sigh of relief!! :scratch:

  2. Yewbarrow says:

    Well, that would frighten the slugs and snails off if I did it, never mind the neighbours

  3. Mine are to stay fully clothed, might leave my thermal off though ;-) the neighbours think I’m strange as it is, gardening naked would definatley prove it without a doubt :yes:

  4. Beanstew says:
    It strikes me that these two are rather better at taking off their clothes than they are at gardening – possibly a little judicious buffing up of their patch might have been an idea, before capturing everything in all its goose-fleshed glory….

  5. gonewest says:

    Ha-ha Daffy, I was going to mention the Malmesbury gardeners too, fairly local to us, but we’ve managed not to visit when they are un-attired. Don’t fancy their chances tending to the roses. :whistle:

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