Today was a good Day…..Last day of April.

Today was a good Day.


Dawn, or an hour or so thereafter, was bright and fine.


In the distance, through the not-very-clear telescopic lens, the sprouting red tree glowed in the rising sun. I spent a quiet morning writing until lunchtime.IMG_1128m-002

After lunch, BB went on his customary walk, and I soon lagged behind, preferring to stop for photos. He took the ‘high road’ and I took the ‘low road’…which I found quicker J It was a lovely walk, during which I spotted three fat bees, the furry kind; having already seen another in Gertie’s Garden earlier and yesterday, and the day before. The sun is bringing them out again.


I sat and gazed at the sky…..


…..and saw a fluffy bunny. J


I paused to look at lovely new blossoms, and emerging leaves…..



Tiny, mauve anemones sprinkled grassy, weedy banks and old, crusty trees mingled with young red ones across the sward, the afternoon sun casting long shadows.


Back past the station, the pretty bed is still pretty…..


…..tulips are at last turning fluffy pink. J


The rest of the garden is blooming lovely! J


That was a good day. J


Anne                                                                                                        30.04.2013.



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  1. gonewest says:

    You’re right, today was a lovely last day of April. Had a walk up on the downs yesterday, but cut it a bit short. Guinness was NOT impressed. It was chilly and windy up there which I hadn’t expected it to be so wasn’t really properly prepared bearing in mind I was feeling grotty with a cold too.

    Today though, me feeling much brighter, the day seemed to be much improved too. Still a bit breezy up on the heights of the downs, but manageable. I aimed into a valley between the hills where the springs are which merge to become the source of the river that flows past the bottom of our garden. The slopes on either side sheltered the valley beautifully and it was gorgeously sunny. Met precisely no-one, so it was lovely and peaceful. Forgot to take my camera and regretted it because Mr Gonewest had told me about a field covered with cowslips in that vicinity. I actually found two separate cowslip fields, saw deer, managed to divert Guinness’ attention from a couple of rabbits and a few pheasant, and just generally had a lovely walkies. I will definitely be taking another wander that way again soon as I discovered a track that’s not marked on the OS map. I was careful to see if there was anything saying I shouldn’t use it but it had wide open gates at both ends which had obviously been like that for some time and it passed between a byway and the roman road. It gave some lovely different perpectives on the downs too. I also discovered some new stiles since I last went there which take you into land that I had previously thought was farmers fields but is now, at any rate, permissive National Trust land so scope for more varied wanderings than heretofore. :yahoo:

  2. And it can only get better from today, Anne, May 1st :rose:

  3. Hayley says:

    Some more beauties here too Anne and finally, yes, I think we really have spring :yahoo:

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