Silly Season at the Pads…..Hats, Shades and Boots




Silly Season at the Pads


Hats, Shades and Boots


It’s a fairly well known fact that August in the United Kingdom, when the Government is on holiday and everyone else is trying to be, that daft rumours flare through the Press…often silly at the best of times…and amuse the populace.


The Crystal Palace Pads was having a Silly Season all of its own.


Guy and Gisbourne had discovered some old gear in a tin that Anne unearthed in her sorting out.


It was paraphernalia that her son’s Action Man had used 30 odd years before, and it was fabulous.




Guy found hob-nailed boots so that he could help Foxley in the gardens.


He could stand up in them and stomp about.


They were stiff and noisy, but oh so bright and shiny. J






Gisbourne was rocking to stuff on headphones, and stomping in his new-found shoes.


Daffy joined in.


Penguin gazed in amazement!




Tom and Dick found green goggles, Jonah got a woolly hat, and Harriette got the giggles!




Cossette, always the sensible one, couldn’t believe her eyes!


.”What are you wearing?” she cried.




“Hats, shades and boots!…..hats shades and boots! chanted the Teds, stomping and jumping and falling about laughing!”




Even shy, little Aimee joined in, and there was Ted pandemonium!


Teds from all over the Pads found hats, shades and boots and joined the party.














They danced and stomped and laughed and chanted until they were exhausted.















“Hats, shades and boots!…..Hats, shades and boots!…..


Oh!      It was fun!









Anne…..ever in the Silly Season:….. August 2013




















7 Responses

  1. Hayley says:

    Good to be silly sometimes Anne :good: A great happ y read, thank you :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    Glad you enjoyed it in la belle France Hayley :yahoo: Tout ca va? :rose:

  3. shedsue says:

    Enjoyed my lunch time reads thanks Anne…so nice to be light heartened especially at work :yes: ….

  4. karenp says:

    a very nice read whilst having my lunch before i set off to work again, shall wait and see what the Teds will find next with the action man gear B-) :-)

  5. gertie says:

    Well Thank you both…that’s given me an idea :scratch: :rose:

  6. All play and no work, Anne :wacko: lol – that’s the Teds of course ;-)

  7. gertie says:

    :-) That’s not a bad idea…sometimes…too Jane ;-)

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