Happy Saturday

I got up this morning, and my mojo had mojoed off. I was unimpressed with myself as I needed to go to the lottie, and there is nothing worse than having to force yourself.

I forced myself, and so glad I did, my mojo appeared and I got stuck in. I harvested my bonnie potatoes, purple french runners, cabbage, apples, and all my onions. The crop was much better than I thought, I was very pleased indeed with the banana shallots, Nigella swears by them for cooking, apart from my veg booty, I also came home with a few vases of prittes…….what more can a girl want.

So, I had a good day and found my mojo in the process. Yea…..hope you all had a good day too.

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  1. gertie says:

    Now that’s what I call a positively cheery post :good: Lovely, Susie; very glad you found your mojo and what better place than amongst the flora [ and fauna if you count Shedted..love to him btw :heart: ] Despite colossal and expected failure in the trading dept. I have had a lovely day so far and it ain’t over yet. Enjoy your evening :rose:

  2. Hi Sue& Anne, I felt like that last week, but mine came back to, it wobbled a bit this morning, but 2hrs down the plot and all was well, picked some sweetcorn, and some pretties, got rid off the sweetpeas as they had all but finished and planted a clematis ‘hybrid hagley’ in their place :good: :-)

  3. Hayley says:

    I think the garden and lottie is where all the mojos go for a rest, we always seem to find them there anyway ;-)

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