Autumn planning

After a spring and summer of activity down on my allotment. I have taken this weekend to reflect and plan for the year ahead. I now have more time as my childcare days will now be limited to school holidays an inset days, as our 4 &1/2 year old Grandson has started school bringing to close  31/2 yrs of going to the park, eating ice cream, baking, playing cars, Lego,puzzles,games&  lots of laughter, cuddles&tears. I now have my Fridays free meaning a 3 day weekend every-week   :-)

I awoke this Friday at normal work time of 6.15, thats without the alarm!!!! got up and then started the cog’s of my mind working. I put some washing on, sorted the breakfast dishes, booked into a Pilates class (boy did my stomach&thigh muscles hurt on sat! I though Pilates was supposed to be a gentle exercise :scratch: might have to rethink this) came back and got stuck into my chores. By about 3 pm I had cleaned the house and got 3/4 of the washing done, ran out of  room on the washing line!!! (son is living with us for 6 months so extra washing, he usually does his own, but was home a day early to take Sam  to school on his 1st day, so I offered, I wont be making a habit of it I f I can help it ;-) )

OH then suggested going to GC to but some veg plants for the allotment as the caterpillars have made doileys of my cabbage&PSB leaves, netting not fine enough, it is now but I think its to late. We didn’t get to the GC as a car accident had closed the main road and all the side roads were backed up, we went for a cream tea at a local country park a far sensible idea.

We got to the garden center on sat, where I purchased some Casablanca potatoes to grow for C…….s dinner, some garlic Marco and some broad bean seed Luz do otono, also  inquired about autumn/spring veg plants a order will be going in and  for del wed or Thurs so am hoping for something to plant as I would like the plot to keep producing veg over the winter for as long as possible.

I also purchased some tulips Angelique a pretty pink and narcissus tresemble, which are a all white flower, for the garden and a pot by the front door.

On Sunday I had a easy day as a it was a day of very heavy showers and I wasn’t feeling a 100%,(to much housework) I flicked through some gardening catalogues, making notes of the fruit bushes and  veg seeds to be purchased over the coming months, along with flowers for the garden to plant in the area’s that I am planning to revamp during the coming weeks. So the planning has commenced along with the list of other hobbies & pastimes I have put on the back-burner due to lack of time.

I’m sure I will soon find that I still don’t have enough  time to do everything and retirement isn’t imminent, plus the school holidays soon come around as do the staff inset days the first one being on the 27th of this month! But I did so enjoy the alarm not going off for  three days and being able to sit and plan.

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  1. BogBrush says:

    You will not be disappointed, with the Casablanca Potatoes, they are a lovely spud. I’m just using up, the last of mine, then its on to the Kestrels…………..

  2. cilla says:

    Lovely feeling for you Lynn. OH’s grandson started school this week so we just have the 2 year old on mondays. Good fun planning next year’s crops. I am going to do less veg and put some flowers in to be more like a parterre but I think I am going to have to grow my spuds, they taste so delicious. Probably shan’t grow onions as they are very small and take up a lot of space. Shall look forward to reading about your progress. :good:

  3. gertie says:

    I enjoyed reading your Diary Lynn…impressed by the dedicated housework ;-)
    You have inspired me to get potatoes in for the big C , but will I be too late by end of September? :scratch: :unsure:
    Don’t be too sad about the little one growing away…they all do, then they come back from time to time and they grow so lovely. :-) :heart: :rose:

    • Hi Anne, have just checked my comments, I’m not to sure, perhaps you should ask some of the more experienced veg growing clickers :yes: :-)

    • VegVamp says:

      Anne most earlies need about 12 weeks, so end of September might be a bit late, as they need to get a decent start before it gets cooler, when growth will slow up, but nothing beats a go. :yes: They will need protected, so greenhouse, conservatory or whatever.

      • gertie says:

        Ah…well I have no GH and only a small cold frame of fairly shallow shelves; a dark, busy shed and not a very large raised bed, still growing and producing runner beans so it looks as tho’ it might be a non-starter. Thank you for the advice Karen :-) :rose: :good:

        • VegVamp says:

          You could try a few outside and protect them. Really depends on whether you get any frost before, ummm, the end of the year, ;-) But you might get off with it in London Anne. :yes:

          • gertie says:

            Actually…I well might Karen…can’t lose much can I :unsure: if I still have that wire polythene cover…something to look out when I return from France :good: ooh, maybe I could find some of those gorgeous red French spuds… :scratch: :unsure: wonder what name they go by…..

          • VegVamp says:

            There you go, decision made. :good:

  4. BogBrush says:

    Me thinks, you will have a problem, sourcing seed Potatoes, at the beginning of October, then chitting, growing avoiding frosts, and putting on the table for Easter Sunday :wacko: :wacko:

  5. roly says:

    autumn a time when the garden starts shutting down for winter it is a busy time picking all the crops getting the potatoes up

    clearing the ground for either winter digging or like me ploughing the ground sowing seed and plants to overwinter

    I’ve got spring cabbage in pots onion seed in trays set up in the greenhouse

    i still have quite a large plot of potatoes to harvest before the wet weather and shorter days set in
    our ground gets wet and heavy come early winter and best kept off until spring so autumn ploughing is essential

  6. I thought this was a lovely read – brains ticking over for next year – I can feel the excitement already!

  7. Morning Jane, It’s ok my brain doing all this planning, its my hands i have to sit on as like most gardeners I get really itchy fingers during the winter months and the online shopping can get out of hand ;-)

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