a visit to the charity shop

when the wife and I when shopping the other day we popped into one of the charity shops and after a look around I found a gardening book by my garden hero Geoff Hamilton

the book called Geoff Hamilton’s Cottage Garden that accompanied his  television series was a real find and well worth the £1.50 I paid for it I also bought another book called country Harvest by Linda Burgess and Rosamond Richardson cost me £1.25 both books well worthy of a good read in these coming winter nights

we always have a good look round charity shops when we are out shopping as there are some genuine bargains to be had together with supporting very good charities that most are run by voluntary staff that give there free time to help the less fortunate than us  I think we all appreciate what they do for these charities “don’t we

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  1. gertie says:

    Hear here Roly…and congratulations on that super find :good: :rose:

  2. I love secondhand books and the more stuff we recycle, the better :good:

  3. cilla says:

    I also love visiting charity shops and have found some great books. My hero too Roly and I was lucky enough to meet him a couple of times and have one of my books signed by him as we live an hour away from Barnsdale and have watched it grow and change over the years.

  4. Hayley says:

    We have several charity shops in our village Roly; it’s like a lucky dip inside them all. The best finds are gardening bits and bobs for me, especially tools, they have a history locked away inside them and I always wonder who used them and where. :rose:

  5. roly says:

    we to live about an hour from Barnsdale Cilla I wish I had the opportunity to meet Geoff in the flesh so to speak

    we visited Barnsdale once but we keep saying we would love to go back hopefully next year god willing

    and how rite you are Hayley many good gardening finds at the charity shops if they could speak would they tell a good tale :good:

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