silly as a sheep

have you ever herd  the expression silly  as a sheep well it been raining hear for several days  quite heavy at times and the sheep in the field across the road from our house have been exposed to the pouring rain

so when my friend went to shepherd or check on the sheep to see if they were alright he couldn’t find them at first he thought they had escaped to another field and started looking frantically to find them

having walked around the field for a while low and behold he found them all laid all together  underneath an old articulated box trailer standing in the field keeping dry and out of the pouring rain

soon as it stopped raining they all came out to graze on the grass

not so silly sheep ‘A



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  1. gertie says:

    We have sheep in the orchard in Normandy Roly…they belong to the farmer across the road, and no, they aren’t as daft as we first thought! :good:

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