The Shortest Day ….. An Arbour Tale


       The Shortest Day


An Arbour Tale


   An air of anticipation at the Teds is growing.




   Squidge had been with Anne and BB when they went shopping, and seen Father Christmas, sitting with his helper Elf, in IKEA. His new Ted friends have told him that soon, Father Christmas is coming with the Polar Teds, to stay at the Pads and celebrate with them.


  Cards are appearing in the Art Room ready to be put up , with decorations, around the Pads.




   Teds are also coming to the Art Room to make greetings cards to send to their friends and families.




  Those cards, and decorations are going up.




  “How does it look from outside, Beefy?”


  ” Yes, that’ll do nicely this side; the other needs straightening next.!”


   “They look pretty,” whispered Dimitri.






  Whilst it is sunny, Foxley and Hedgeley take Smudge and Squidge down to Gertie’s Garden, to help sweep up the piles of sycamore leaves.




  “You need some wellies!” remarks Foxley to Smudge.


  “There was a spare pair, but one of the boots is missing.”


  “I don’t need wellies!¬” says Squidge. The others agree, having seen what Squidge could do with his strong claws!


  Hedgeley then looks at Tiny Pond. He can see that the tree in the middle has its Winter dress on, but all the stones and shells have been pushed about, many dropping into the water.




   “Humph! Foxy?” he wonders, ” …or maybe a squirrel?”.


  With fair gardening weather, and the arrival of friendly greetings, the shortest day of the year has been a happy one for the Teds




  Anne ….. 21st December, 2013.


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  1. shedsue says:

    Love the “Art room” :yes: :heart: ..and yes it was fairweather gardening on the shortest day B-) How apt :good:

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