Christmas Eve at The Pads ….. Arrivals ….. An Arbour Tale


             Christmas Eve at The Pads




An Arbour Tale


   It’s the middle of the night.


   The Christmas tree in the front room is adorned.


     Teds are at last asleep, and dreaming of the morrow.



  Img_0091_1lynnette asleep.bjpg-001

All except some astonished , little Grey Teds , who have been watching from their cosy beds with growing excitement.


     Outside their Pad important visitors are arriving from The North Pole, and they don’t know about the snowmen on the roof yet.


     Theo, Tarbo and Tutu have once again enlisted help from Cart horse, who helps out every year with his beautiful cart, and he is there too, his cart laden with parcels.


     Santa’s helpers have decorated the Banqueting Rooms, and  Father Christmas himself ,has flown in on the magical, Blue Sleigh, with his right-hand Ted to help and support him with all the parcels and presents.



    They work through the night to have everything ready for Christmas Day feasting and fun with their friends at the Pads.

   Fishing Elves provide refreshing water from a Magic Fountain



…Up on their roof, snowmen from the frozen lands are settling down in snow which has been magicked there to keep them cool and comfortable.

C Eve Snowmenb-002

    Father Christmas tells the little Grey Teds to tuck up and go to sleep, and he makes a magic spell so that they won’t remember his arrival when they awake in the morning light.IMG_0081.mbjpg-002

   By daybreak, tired North Pole Teds are catching forty winks before the Pads Community awakens.


    All is prepared for Christmas Day at the Pads.


Anne  ….. 24.12.2013


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  1. This is fab Anne, I shall have to read it to Sam and hopefully they will all be in print by the time Maxwell enjoy’s bedtime stories :yes: :yes: It is a lovely story to tell on Christmas eve. So much work from you and perhaps a little Christmas magical help ;-) Christmas tree looks beautiful too :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    Thank you Lynn :rose: …..lots of magical help from friends like yourself :yes:

  3. gibbon says:

    nice one Anne, I am looking forward to a first edditon, :rose:

  4. DizzyD says:

    Another lovely tale from the Pads, I love the pics such great colours you can almost feel the excitement and the Teds did such a good job getting everything ready :yes:

  5. Beautiful tree, Anne :rose: and love the magic :yes:

  6. shedsue says:

    Lovely Anne :good: …The lighting is Amazing :yes: and the wittle eye mask for the ted..oooo, love them all :heart:

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