Christmas Day at The Pads ….. Up and away … again! ….. An Arbour Tale


                Christmas Day at The Pads


Up and away … again!


An Arbour Tale


   It’s early morning.


   Blue Sleigh has arrived at a space where it can leave some more parcels and rest awhile.




   Teds are waking up all over The Pads.




   Happy Christmas Teds!




  As day lightens, the North pole visitors, after working very hard, have a refuelling breakfast.








   They enjoy a good chinwag.




   Preparing to re-acquaint themselves with their friends at the Pads they  suddenly notice that Tarbo has fallen off his chair!




  Oh dear poor Tarbo, his leg has dropped off!




  Tutu and Theo tenderly tuck up Tarbo in one of Great Granny Florrie’s soft, knitted blankets, and lift him on to the Magic carpet which has immediately  rushed to the scene with pilot Percy  aboard.






   They set off for Anne’s hospital box, with its needles and threads.




  Little Shirley and the Grey Teds wave tearful  good byes.







  North Pole Teds gaze in consternation as Tarbo is air-lifted away on MC1




   A worried Father Christmas, pauses in his delivery sorting.




   Unhappy faces dwindle into the distance as Tarbo looks down and tells them not to worry, as he will be back soon.




Anne ….. Christmas Morning 2013.


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  1. DizzyD says:

    Oh dear , what started off as a happy and fun filled tale :yes: ended on a sad note :cry: but Tarbo seems a strong chap so I,m sure we will see him back fit and well .
    Thanks Anne another nice tale :good:

  2. gibbon says:

    I don’t know how you do it, another good read, you have me hooked. allways looking forward to the next tale, :good: :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Teehee ….. thanks Cliff :rose: ….. it’s en route, between the cooking and the TV dramas, walks and shopping and garden tidying [I wish :wacko: ]

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