false spring

Morning all

Since last weekend where I was so fed up with the plot but with your kind cheery comments, I was back down there again yesterday.


Tried a sample dig of one of the raised beds but a spit down it was like a river, far too wet to dig.

So back to laying bark clippings.  Almost finished this job now but it’s hard going loading a wheelbarrow with wet bark then wheeling it to our plot over a boggy field through water-filled ruts etc so hubby did the hard graft with a break every 2nd barrowband.

The day was like spring and the only tell-tell sign it really is still winter was the condition of the soil.  Being very wet and exceptionally cold, far too cold n wet to sow.  But how one can be caught out though with warmth on your back the sun shining and the very 1st bulbs starting to show.

What did make us chuckle was on arrival a young lady was stood by her car parked as close to their plot as possible, she was smoking and shouting to her feller instructions (that bit wasn’t funny, rather annoying actually) but when he returned he was wearing pure whit trainers,  a little concerned about them batting a tiny bit of mud on them he then proceeded to try to clean them before getting in the car.

I think he may be wise to invest in wellies and I wonder how long he and his partner will last, I got the impression they may think you can turn up once a week n harvest a few peas from . A plot which was magically dug over, weeded, sown, watered, fed ready for them to harvest.

I wish them all the luck  and hope 1st impressions are wrong. Unfortunately the magic of tv n gardening mags never explain the hard graft which goes on behind the scenes of an allotment plot or veggie garden.



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  1. Beanstew says:

    One thing we all had in greater and lesser degree when we started growing things, was our relative ignorance. We might have had the opportunity to watch our elders engaged in the same pursuit, (if we were lucky) – but many of us were pig ignorant, and learned from mistakes. Hopefully, the young man in white trainers will have done that, and be back in gumboots the next time. His partner sounds more of a problem to me, and if I read of murder on an allotment – I’ll understand it perfectly. Think one of the main drawbacks we can all suffer from is impatience – and its only years of experience that teach us really to wait for the right conditions, no matter how desperate we are feeling. Even with your experience, you still wanted to dig, Mary – but to do so disturbs the tiny drainage channels already existing in the soil, which then have to be reformed. Luckily your experience told you it was a bad idea. I feel for all the young hopefuls starting out, full of dreams and plans – but with a steep learning curve in front of them.

  2. I’m waiting, Sheila, but it’s difficult B-)
    Quite right about the magic of tv, VP :whistle:

  3. gertie says:

    I am just hoping that this quiet break from actual gardening will not make me unable to start digging and hefting again when the time arrives to do so! :wacko: :yes:

  4. Hayley says:

    When I had my allotment a few years back I remember making heaps of mistakes but the people around me were great teachers. Let’s hope your new neighbours look and learn quickly ;-) Good to see you back liking your plot again VP :good: :yes:

  5. dandlyon says:

    Many years back when working full time weeding was a problem quite often weeds were up before the wanted seeds.Slow germinating seed like parsnips were a prob lem, so I deciced to leave my string lines in place allowing me to hoe quite close to my rows of parsnip seed.Well I waited and waited for seed to appear,then re sowed and waitd again.Finaly the penny dropped the string was too close to the soil and as the wind blew the string it was shaving off the emerging seedlings before I saw them.Now I lift lines well above the soil once the seed is sown

  6. Yewbarrow says:

    reading all of the above reinforces my thoughts that none of us know everything and each season teaches us something new – so its good gardening everyone and night night

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