A Birth Notice

1048422-royalty-free-rf-clip-art-illustration-of-a-cartoon-black-and-white-outline-design-of-a-woman-excited-over-a-sproutBeanstew proudly announces the birth of many new offspring, after a gestation of only four days.







First among  the many (as usual) are cocky brassicas, always so optimistic and full of bravado to IMG_0344

run the gauntlet of cabbage root fly, cabbage whites, and pigeons.  These are the seedlings that keep us going through the anxious weeks of waiting for more exotic offspring.  Delizia F1 tomatoes are also “up”, which augers well, and probably ensures that you will all be heartily sick of hearing about them before the season’s end.  The sunflowers are up too.  This fills me with foreboding and worry for these youngsters – its so long until they can be planted out at the back of the border to escape frost.  Whatever was I thinking about, when I planted them at least a month early, ensuring that they would outgrow the nursery prematurely?

The sight of tiny green shoots poking through dark compost arouses a feeling of parental pride in most of us – and there is a tenderness and desire to nuture that life just as we did as parents.  When my children were babies, I used to hang over their cots, marvelling at their absolute perfection – and my daily inspection of pots in the propagator is no different.  What I won’t miss are buckets of soaking nappies, teething, dirty rugby gear, adolescent angst, and their problems as young adults.

Hope, happiness, and love are the strongest positive emotions we can experience.  The wonder of germinating seeds and all our hopes for them – of growing strongly in a good environment to reach adult health and strength – is a way of reliving and recapturing those feelings every year.  Aren’t we lucky?

Mother and many offspring are all well.

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  1. So glad to hear that, Sheila :yahoo: I know how you feel (apart from the real parental bit :wacko: ) as my leek seedlings are through today :good:
    Your seedlings are absolutely perfect as evidenced by the fantastic photography :good:

  2. Beanstew says:

    Alas – fantastic photography is offspring of Google, but my seedlings look pretty much the same anyway. Apart from the fact that the seeds we plant are not handing down our own genes, the accompanying feelings are just the same. Its much cheaper than ordinary parenting, and we get to do it every year. Think that is what they call a Win-Win situation, Jane.

  3. Hayley says:

    Congratulations Sheila! :yahoo: May all your offspring mature to sturdy specimens of sound character and taste ;-)

  4. cilla says:

    congratulations from me too “Mum”. Like Jane I never did the mum bit apart from puppies and a kitten. I also have seedlings of cosmos,cerinthe,helichrysum and tomatoes and like you I am wondering where they will all go when pricked out………….hey ho, it is what being a gardener is all about. And a friend of a friend has asked if I will go and sort their garden out for son’s wedding in June. :wacko:

    • Beanstew says:

      You’ve done the “Mum” bit every year that you raised seeds, Cilla – and every time you grew a plant to maturity, and planted it out, and helped it to do its own thing The main point i wanted to make is that the feelings involved are the same – with the benefit that you never have the police knocking at the door unless its cannabis.

  5. karenp says:

    a nightmare i know this mothering bit of the seedlings and especially when you see them growing too big and not ready for the big outside world just yet :cry:

  6. Beanstew says:

    Could kick myself Karen, for such a silly mistake with the sunflowers. Will mean a monstrous amount of engineering ingenuity to protect them until end of May – and if the worst should happen, it will be infanticide through negligence.

    • SIMONDO says:

      Have greenhouse ..have 3 ltr pots..???? Pop them in there if it looks like a frost at night when they get bigger. Other than that they could sit up against a wall ..fence.. ect in the day. You could stick them in the walkway bit in the G house at night if space is tight in april /may. Now if you had a conservatory …Well you’r in business too. You’l sort some thing I’m sure… Nowt like a problem that needs solving to sharpen the “little grey cells” :-)

  7. Beanstew says:

    Will have to be something of the sort Simon – and since I prefer not to lug pots too far (especially with 6ft canes in them), will probably be ranged against the outside wall of the GH, and whipped inside as necessary. Will have the earliest sunflowers for miles……

  8. Beanstew says:

    Will have to concoct some scientific – sounding blather to explain their precocity. involving global warming. Can’t become GooRoo just by planting them a month too early, can I?

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