Addendum to Gates



Addendum to Gates

   Today, we discovered a large estate in Crystal Palace built around a castle, called the Kingswood Estate. In fact we have seen the ‘castle’ building before; it’s a library and community place now. The point is that the original gates around the castle, as the locals call it, are still there, and of course, I took some photographs.


   This side gate across an inner side door is a palatable piece of iron work, even though the stone work leaves somewhat to be desired.


   This photo shows the main gate as I first witnessed it.


   Here’s a collection of all three gates I saw around the place.




   I love the shadows of this side gate….and the fancy ironwork of the first one.



Watch this space …. . there will be more ….. 

   Anne ….. 24.02.2014

     Here are two pictures of  a gate that I must get some good pictures of, those of the late Queen Mother, Elizabeth, at Hyde Park Corner..



   These gates are stunningly beautiful works of art and a fitting memorial for any one.



   This grotty gate, however has stayed in my mind for over a year because of its beautiful canopy of flowers and the kind couple who allowed me [with some pride] to take the photographs!



   Here is another case where , although the gate is the worse for wear, the greenery beyond it says, “Enter!”.


   These are two pictures from last year that I really like of the lovely orchard gate in Normandy. I often go down to the corner to catch the evening light there, and mess about with my camera.





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  1. gertie says:

    DizzyD replied 3 minutes ago

    more gates but I like them :good:

  2. :bye: Anne, they are very ornate. nor sure about any gates around here though. HAGE :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Like I said before Lynn, the rickety old ones strewn about with roses, or the Lych gates by the churches have bags of character, but I ain’t got those……yet. :good: I bet you have some in Dorset :yes:

  4. bizzylizzy says:

    great gates anne and I like the stone work as well :good: :yes:

  5. gertie says:

    Thank you Elizabeth…I have found some more…will have to add on a weekly basis or something…got the bit between m’ teeth now :yahoo:

  6. gertie says:

    I have added some more gates, to round off this additional lot. Hope that you like them. I shall look for better pictures in the future…I like this game. :yes: ;-)

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