Gertie’s Garden End of February 2014


Gertie’s Garden End of February 2014




  Midway through the month hellebores were in full sway.




   By the 24th they were fully flowering; pretty in morning sunlight.



   Snuggling next to them, little primroses, and along the way, fresh purple polyanthus.




   My elephants’ ears, bergenia[?], were in full flower, and very splendid.




   Around the little garden, bits and bobs are coming back to life; daffodil under the sprouting fuchsia, amongst the shoots of Spanish bluebells,




   Because of its persistence and its pretty yellow, I have vowed to allow some celandines to thrive in peace, though, unless someone tells me better, I will root out that weed around it!




   Campanula has started strong this year…it over-Wintered, so I hope it won’t be demolished by frost later.




   Here it comes , that early wonder, pulmonaria.




….Lighter hellebores proliferate on the Blue Hill.



     The broken-off hellebore [blooming Foxy!] with its two, fat buds, goes on blooming in the garden sink!





   Light-coloured hellebores are very pretty on the Blue Hill.








   Rose shoots on Dame du Court, are still looking good, glowing in morning sunshine.




   Both curly and flat-leaf Welsh parsley pots are thriving :-)





  Tulips are sprouting.




   Primroses by the log are multiplying…..




   …..and still, a tiny, red rose flowers!




   There are many signs of new growth, geraniums and lacy white thing, dicentra, under its protective cloche








   Indoors , preparations are under way for more plants to go out later in the season.


   Here are gaillarde and banana onions.




   I tried out my saved beans first, next I will sow special ones.




   Soon it will be time to plant the chitted early potatoes.




   Pride of place this year will be teasels, closely watched over by Hedgeley…I wonder why?




   It’s away now and tend to more seedlings and also some weeding in Gertie’s Garden whilst the sun is still shining.




Anne …..February 26th 2014 ….happy B’day Sadie    :-)


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  1. mick1970 says:

    very nice garden has plenty of life in it

  2. gertie says:

    Thank you Mick :rose: …it’s really surprising how much isn’t it :yahoo:

  3. Thank-you for a lovely glimpse into your garden, spring is defiantly on its way :yahoo: its amazing what a few days or weeks do, the soil suddenly goes from bare to lots of new life appearing, a fantastic boost to morale :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    You are very welcome Lynn…I am constantly amazed and heartened by the power of plants. :yahoo:

  5. shedsue says:

    Lovely Anne….its totally and utterly amazing “innit” :yes: :heart: :rose:

  6. gertie says:

    Ain’t it tho’ Sue :yes: :heart: :rose:

  7. Lovely pics, Anne :yes: you have a lot more colour than me at the mo, although I do have hellebores.

  8. gertie says:

    Thank you :rose:
    I have only recently discovered hellebores Jane…I think it may have been Malcolm who alerted me to them, as with clematis. I too am pleasantly surprised by what is out there. There is a bit of a wind tunnel thro’ at times, but otherwise I think it’s quite sheltered. :-)

    • Hellebores seem to be pretty hardy, Anne – mine get blown about tremendously and manage to survive :yes: I like some clematis but not all and although there are 5 here, it’s a bit hit and miss how they’ll do each year, it seems :wacko: Might be summat to do with me not knowing what they are and therefore when I should prune them B-)

      • gonewest says:

        Ah, I think it must be your photos that planted the word hellebore in my mind and have resulted in my purchase of 6 which I treated myself to yesterday and have planted this morning. I hope they stay the course.

        I see you have teasels (that you’ve grown from seed? was it easy?). I see them growing wild and love them when their cones are purply-blue. I’d love to have a few down by the river in our garden as the land we’re on used to be a fulling mill. Teasels (fuller’s teasel were used as part of the process of fulling (basically combing I think) the wool. Kind of seems like they should be here somehow.

      • gertie says:

        The teasels have grown out of a teasel head I left in a bowl in the cold frame…it got some water in the bowl, neglect, and hey presto…baby teasels!!! :yahoo: :-) ;-)

      • gertie says:

        Re the hellebores Jane, I found some more trampled and broken yesterday….I am going to plant more in other places off what seems to be a fox highway :wacko:
        I thank goodness that they are hardy though, and so pretty. :yahoo:

  9. gertie says:

    I didn’t know about the goldfinches either Lizzie….we have had quite a few around here in the last few years. :good:

  10. Yewbarrow says:

    terrific pics again Anne, your hellebores are just fantastic lovely to see

  11. gertie says:

    They were lovely Jenny and those left standing still are :good: I think that there will be more before they stop flowering…lovely flowers :rose:

  12. cilla says:

    Pretty as a picture Gertie, a real delight. :rose:

  13. dixon says:

    Quite the photographer our gertie. ;-) :rose:

  14. gertie says:

    Thank you Dixon :rose: ….tho ‘it’s hard to go wrong with hellebores … ennit :yahoo: ;-)

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