temptation got the better of me

0I’ve gone and done it again well I had Vernon’s geranium catalogue arrive through the door yesterday and I said no ime not going to buy another geranium already ordered a tray of seed raised geraniums mixed

but ime afraid temptation got the better of me  I just had to try a new geranium called Aristo Burgundy its a regal pelargonium I dare not tell her indoors I’ve bought them

although my seed razed geranium have always been good quality but cutting razed always seem to that bit better than seed razed

I love my geraniums but I suppose you gathered that



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  1. cilla says:

    And why not Roly. We are only here once and you will have the pleasure of them for months. I hope you enjoy them. :rose:

  2. Beanstew says:

    I’d be a geranium addict too Roly, if I didn’t live in an area where the rainfall causes them almost inevitably, to get botrytis. I used to have one called Black Stoddart, which was the deepest darkest red flower I ever saw on a zonal pelargonium. I’d be addicted too, but I can’t fly in the face of an unsuitable climate, and I can’t get that excited about bog plants.

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