Nature Walk

Grandson Sam was off school due to having had a very upset tummy earlier in the week, and had  to be clear for 48hrs. so Nannie was looking after him. As it was such a nice day and Sam is studying nature at school we set off for a wander around Creekmoor ponds/lakes, not to sure what their correct title is!!!


We walked past the smaller lake, then headed off into the woods and came out near the next lake with Ducks &swans.

133 136

We then found another path to go along and came across some lovely spring flowers.

131 128 139 138

Heading back home, we came across some fungi growing on tree stumps&fallen  branches.

132 130


Sam has a thing about collecting leaves, so we found some more for his collection.



ON the last bit of our Journey home, we came across a very furry black cat, it was rally difficult to actually see his eyes.

Black furry cat


We came across some lovely blossom.



Then Sam spied a dandelion clock, so some poor garden now has rather a lot of  possible dandelions growing!!!!

Sam Sam 2


It was a great way to spend a couple of hours, looking at things from a child’s point of view.



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  1. gertie says:

    What a lovely walk Lynn :good: , and you did manage to get those pics on side by side….[note to self…learn photoshop!]…I love the photos :heart: :rose:
    Isn’t Sam growing up fast!!!

  2. Lovely walk and photos, Lynn :good: Can’t believe Sam found a dandelion clock already :wacko;

  3. Thank-you Anne, don’t know how I did that :unsure: :wacko: , I think it was because I re-sized them all and loaded them all 1st then clicked on them in twos :unsure: :scratch:
    Yep he certainly is and growing in confidence weekly, which is so good to see :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    …and I wonder where that adorable pussy cat comes from :unsure: :rose:

  5. Beanstew says:

    Lovely blog Lynn, and what a good way for Sam to recuperate. I tagged along too, and really enjoyed our walk. Love the pics, especially the violets…..

  6. cilla says:

    That was a lovely walk Lynn, wildlife flora and fauna, nice to see Sam interested. OH’s grandsons had the tummy bag last week but eating like horses now. I am in awe of your photos posted to the blog. Despite help from Bean and gertie I just can’t get them on a blog. :cry:

    • Thank-you Cilla, I feel very lucky to live in a nice area and also be able to share it with future generations. I’m not to sure how I do it Cilla either, its a bit hit and miss, never got 2 pics to sit together like that before :unsure: :scratch:

  7. mick1970 says:

    just what the dr ordered ,fresh air is one of the best cures.. :good:

  8. karenp says:

    What a lovely walk and best way to boost those immune systems, cute little boy too :heart: , it’s so lovely when they take an interest in what’s around them, and what an adorable cat, I can remember blowing dandelion clocks too, did see a flower of one up the plot on Sunday but picked it before it had a chance to seed :scratch:
    Love all the piccy,s too :-)

    • Thanks Karen, I pick any dandelions that i see, keeps the seeds down, especially as Sam and any other child, loves blowing them ;-) Thank-you he is cute most of the time, does have the occasional major strop!!!

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