Moving and Feeding and in a bad mood (beware)

Well after trying to fathom out how to work my mobile phone via my car head unit and giving up with stomping feet and a umph kind of sound, I decided to just do a bit of gardening in MY garden.  Yes I am in grumpy mood by the way.

Had the idea of starting potatoes but you know how it is when you get out in the garden and what you meant to do you end up not doing and do something completely different…. well that’s what I did anyway.

Played around with the compost, which basically means moving any twiggy crap to one side and getting to the good stuff, spooned in a bit into my tub and took tub to new little mini tiny fruit garden and put the compost around my gooseberry plant and raspberry plant and forked it in a bit.

And bu**er me!!! my little twig that I popped in the ground has sprung to life.  I had a go at propagating a single twig off of the gooseberry plant whilst I was pruning it.  I basically just chucked it in the ground and forgot about it (my method of gardening).  Its growing leaves!  So I put a little bit of compost around my new baby to help it on its way.  Fingers crossed I might have two gooseberry plants by the end of the year instead of just the one!  Will miracles never cease!

Anyway, I then decided in my infinite wisdom that I was going to move my lavender plants from their temporary place to their permanent place out in the front garden.  Had to do a spot of weeding first and dug the ground over a bit, then planted them up.  I think they could do with a bit of trim as they look a bit straggly, but I’m so pooped I’ve stopped.  And I can feel things in areas I don’t want to feel them so quit whilst I’m a head.

There are caterpillars absolutely everywhere I look which is a shame cause I’M NOT GROWING BRASSICAS THIS YEAR SO GO HUNGRY LEAF MUNCHERS!!!

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  1. gertie says:

    Well that was more fun than the dentist :wacko: …bravo Tina :good:

  2. gibbon says:

    at this time of year you can push almost any stick in the soil and it will grow, :yes: :rose:

  3. Teen says:

    I did it in the winter.

  4. Well done Teen, I might try that I have 2 gooseberries, 1 looking a bit sad for its self, so might try this at the end of the summer :-)
    Glad you got some time in your own garden :-)

  5. gonewest says:

    It’s great when you get little surprises like that. I hope it made you feel a bit less irritated. I’m looking at a few twigs I shoved in pots that I noticed developed buds and they seem to be just about to open. Now y’see as per, I didn’t label them so I’ve no idea as yet what they are, but I’m hoping they will be guelder rose (viburnum opulus). In another pot I’m hoping they will become symphoricarpos (snowberry I think their common name is). And one last pot I’m hoping will become wild privet. I have seen and smelt that in the hedgerows on my walkies around, especially around the Plain (have you heard they seem to have started kaboomin’ again after their little overshoot into a farmers land a couple of weeks ago) and the scent is just wonderful. I do know that if garden privet is allowed to flower it has a good scent too, but the wild version has the volume turned up if you ask me. I’m after adding a few of these things between us and neighbours further down the garden to add to the privacy levels eventually where one of our neighbours has taken down some gorgeous trees (grrr!) which some of the more colourful birds used to like to shelter in, plus when they come into their own I want to provide some kind of replacements that the birds and beasties will enjoy. Not sure yet how successful I have/will be(en). :unsure:

  6. Lizzy, it’s so awful when trees get chopped down for what just seems the sake of it :negative: We’ve lost so many in the village since we moved here 3 years ago and this year we have 2 boxes with blue tits in – no where else for them to go, I think. It’s good you’re doing some sort of replacement :-)

  7. cilla says:

    Teen, I sympathise with the phone. My smartfone arrived a week last friday and OH has been on to vodafone numerous times and it is still not connected. :wacko:

  8. Teen says:

    I had that Cilla when I got mine. They aren’t as straightforward as they used to be are they. Well I’ve managed to at least figure out how to connect the phone and car stereo together. Not entirely sure its the correct way but at least its now working. What a bloomin nightmare. Its supposed to be helping me not hindering me. Thought o2 were a bit cheeky, as my voicemail isn’t covered by my pay & go, I have to pay extra for that! So I’ve turned it off for the time being.

    Hopefully I won’t miss any calls :unsure:

  9. gonewest says:

    Jane, so far since we’ve been here (5 years) he’s taken down a weeping willow in the hedgerow opposite the houses. (Each house owns the bit the other side of the road.) Then two different conifers which the smaller birds, in particular the goldcrests (which I haven’t seen for the past couple of years now), like to shelter in, then last week a lovely flowering cherry just as it was about to come into bloom. He has a “thing” about deciduous trees, and blossom falling making things “messy”, and another “thing” about any large tree being dangerous. Well the way he takes them down certainly is, not least for his own health, he’s no spring chicken either and I know he’s not perfectly well. You’d think he’d get advice about it and for goodness sake we have a listed Wellingtonia a few doors away! Although the ones he’s taken down were mature they were matchsticks in comparison to that and they were all perfectly perfectly healthy. I think he should have got planning permission to remove them, but it’s always a fait-accompli and you can’t stick it back up can you. In all sorts of other ways they are perfectly reasonable neighbours so it’s difficult to contemplate rocking the boat. He got in a right pickle with one of the conifers that was fairly close to the house and had to call a tree specialist anyway to finish the job. So he’s heading on towards a tree a year. I wouldn’t mind but he’s gone a put in a row of leylandii in the front garden which threaten to take the light from my kitchen window. I had to say to them about that, I was advised that they are supposed to be kept to a certain height. Luckily they don’t mind me keeping them within bounds from my side.

  10. What can we say, Lizzy – nature is natural and that might include ‘messy’ – I despair :cry:

  11. gonewest says:

    Ha-ha, Jane. I’m reminded how messy nature can be most times I come in from walkin’ the dawg. It’s getting better now with a fair few drier days, but we’ve had another couple of on and off rainy ones the past couple of days, but it’s good to be able to get out in the garden and do a few things more positively again.

  12. karenp says:

    it never ceases to amaze me why some people even bother to have a house with a garden, my brother and sister inlaws neighbours have even been known to hoover the patio :wacko: honest not joking :scratch:

  13. roly says:

    talking of bad moods the wife said you’ve made a nice job of ploughing the allotments yesterday

    she also said you never ploughed up the gooseberry bushes did you I said don’t be silly would I do a thing like that

    but as she was looking from the allotment path she didn’t notice one of the gooseberry bushes looking a bit bare

    yes I did catch it with the plough lack of concentration ime afraid after the event I did try to patch it up luckily I hadn’t uprooted it completely I know when she comes down the allotment tomorrow to sort the strawberry beds out that’s the first thing she will notice then the brown stuff will hit the fan

    I always said she should have joined the police force because she never misses anything that I do wrong so it going to be a b””””king for me tomorrow just going down the village to buy some ear plugs :bye:

    • Beanstew says:

      Oh dear Roly! Couldn’t you buy a replacement (Aldi have got some in) – and plant it beside the injured one – then pretend the battered one is a cutting you put in on the off-chance last year? That way she will be impressed by your foresight and gardening skill, and offer to make you a cup of tea.

      • gibbon says:

        now that is an example of wemen working togather, BS is seting you up , they are all sisters under the skin, own upRoly that way it can only last for a short while ,but if she can add decite to it you will never live it down, it will be why should I trust you , rember the time, Ect. :negative:

        • Beanstew says:

          Am not in league with Mrs Roly, Cliff – was genuinely trying to keep our Roly out of trouble. I fear you must have met some real Lulus in your time, to be such a cynical and embittered man……

          • gibbon says:

            I am not bitter Shealer, my memories amuse me now,there is a little true storie I tell which is a good example, my wife was a nurse who gave up hospital work because it was in the days when they got bad backe, you know the rest, anyway she worked for an agence and went and lived with her patents ,the one I refer too was for elevon months with every weekend off,and I would go and fetch her and take her back on a sunday evening, it was our habbit to listen to your 100 best tunes on the car raido, I for got the song, but I remarked that someone else was better with that song, she did not agree so an aurgement ensued, as we got near the end of the jurne I surjested that we agree, to diagree, she said ok,I used to ring her at 7 each night, a time she surjested, rang on the monday we were very much in love, same tuesday and wensday, but on thurs day I never got an hellow in, for 15 minuates she pulled me through the phone while racked my brains wondering what I had dune, it turned out that she was back on the sunday night fall out, which was a bit unfair, as I could not rember a thing about it, I will bet that she still rembers the details to this day, :rose:

          • gibbon says:

            and anyway I was pulling your leg BS :rose:

          • Beanstew says:

            And I was being ironic…..

  14. gibbon says:

    and they rember every little detail right in to the next life. been there got half a dozen T shirts Roly, you may forget she will not. :scratch: ?

  15. gibbon says:

    I don’t call it bad, just single mindedness, you have so little to through us, you hjave to make a note of every detail, you know that with men when it is gone it is gone, so your memorie is a grate wepon, it must be grand for you to take your other apart with all the facts from younks ago , longe after he has forgotten and has not a clue what you are talking about, I rest my case, except to say that we still love you, :rose:

  16. I tend to let sleeping dogs lie Cliff, I have a mother who never forgets any slight against her or wrong word said to her, I only remember the times I have been hurt, or made to cry. life is too short. Its not only women, my Oh does have a tendency to remember things&bring them up in a heated argument.

  17. mick1970 says:

    i agree life is too short ……..when the oh brings anything up i dont seem to remember i struggle to mind what i done 10 mins ago never mind what i said on the first date……. i seem to switch off when things dont intrest me ……..a prime example wedding day minster going on about something….. what do you think michael my answer dont know i wasnt listening…..roly i would think a replacemnt plant is the way forward cheap as well :yahoo:

  18. Walt says:

    I don’t see a problem…it takes two to make it…or break it ;-)

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