Plant donations to Somerset Flood Victims.

I was reading my Gardener’s World magazine this morning and there were some letters from people who have donated their excess plants and seeds to the Somerset flood victims. What a good idea and it just shows what good people gardeners are. Apparently it is on the forum on the Gardener’s World website.

Similar to the farmers who helped out with livestock feed and accommodating the animals until the floods receded.

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  1. Beanstew says:

    I’m really glad to read this, Cilla – but I’m wondering if they can replant before the contamination of the ground has dissipated? Obviously it won’t matter for decorative items, but would edible crop plants be OK?

  2. Veggiepatch says:

    I’d be concerned about that too Beanstew, the sewage etc would have settled in the top few inches of soil.

    Perhaps if sown in pots it would be ok, or if just growing flowers, but then this leads us onto the thought of the farmers growing in contaminated soil – will they need to get their soil checked for contamination to see if crops would be safe to eat if grown in the soil.

    Cilla, is there a website to go to which people wish to donate seeds can get a postal address?


  3. cilla says:

    If you look at Gardener’s World website there is a forum (you might have to register) and, although I haven’t read through it, I’m sure there will be helpful information on there.

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