seed setter

bought a seed sowing gadget from the garden centre the other day its supposed to sow seed very prosise haven’t actually used it yet cost me £4.99

hope it works I was going to use it on the kohli Rabi seed but to my surprise there must have only been 10 seeds in the packet

so has anyone bought a seed sowing gadget if so how do you get on with it


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  1. Beanstew says:

    I did buy a cheap one out of Wilco’s last year, Roly, because I have arthritis in my hands and fine movement and precise sowing are getting beyond me. Maybe I didn’t persevere enough – but I only used it once, and went back to doing it by hand. I might give it another try when I get to outside sowing in drills – especially carrots.

  2. karenp says:

    my son bought me one a couple of years ago, it seemed ok with the larger seeds but tiny ones all came out together so have given up on it now, look forward to see how you get on with your one Roly :yes:

  3. VegVamp says:

    Have to admit I don’t “do” gadgets, always found an old kitchen fork and bits of stick made much better pricking out and dibbing tools.

    However, latterly I too have begun to suffer with hands/fingers that sometimes struggle with fine movement. So a seed sower that helps with fine seed would be very useful.

    Much more of a worry is a packet of Kohl Rabi that only contained 10 seeds Roly – yikes! :wacko:

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