Sunshine, Spuds and Hedge Cutting

Watch out watch out Teen’s about.  A bit of sunshine and I’m like a wind up toy that’s been let go ha ha

Finished off doing bags of spuds and also topping them up a bit more with soil.

Weeded around a sickly little Skimmia japonica which I nabbed from a certain place as it was going to be chucked.  Its not looked to great for a long time, its got some deficiencies which I have now hopefully sorted out.  Got some feed for ericaceous plants and gave it a good old weed, feed and water.  Fingers crossed it goes from yellow to green.  I’m a bit of a rescuer of plants, and quite often they come back better than they started so fingers crossed and lots of patience.

After that I tackled my hedge (Lonicera nitida) gave it a good trim and a feed.  I would actually like to cut it down half way but I haven’t worked up the nerve to do it.  Its looked a state since some nice little boys decided to drive through my hedge with their bikes.  It never recovered fully from it.  I cut down one side last year to make it narrower and that’s now starting to green up, but I’m thinking if I half it in height it will really go for it, I’m just a bit nervous about doing it.

Anyway I trimmed it (looks wonky because of the damage), and gave it a feed to try to help it a bit more.

Cut the lawn yesterday as well, blimey I’m full of it aren’t I :)

Just want to sow some veg  but I might leave that til tomorrow now.

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  1. karenp says:

    It’s good to have days like that, you,’ve obviously got lots of energy at the moment :good:
    And what idiots to do that to your hedge shame it did,nt have nice long thorns on it they would,nt do it again ;-)

  2. Teen says:

    Yeah perhaps I should grow pyracantha there instead ;-)

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