Always clean and read your labels properly!

Had a lovely weekend at the lotti, spent all day sat and sun down there.  Cleared a weedy patch of grass at the bottom of one of the plots and made a start on another area – but, the grass in that area was really small tufty stuff and being that I have the patience of  a gnat and my back was already aching hubby took over the helm on Sunday and to my thorough annoyance announced he was thoroughly enjoying himself whilst I could only plant out a few seedlings, sow a few seeds etc whilst feeling very guilty.

He decided I needed to plant out the “peas” as they had outgrown their seed tray, and after much discussion over the past few weeks if they were peas (which he kept telling me they were) and I kept telling him they were actually sweet peas (doesn’t he know the difference  between a pea and sweet pea by now after all I taught him) and cus I didn’t remember sowing that many pea’s in that particular seed tray and, showing him the label for the umpteenth time which clearly said peas on the back and sweet peas on the front (I had re-used an old label and put it in the tray back to front) He went back to digging the said bed which I had abandoned earlier.

That was until he wandered back over lifted the tray up and pointed out that the seed shells were 4 x the size of sweet peas, the stems looked nothing like sweet pea stems and the pea shells looked exactly like the ones I harvested last year, dried and stored in that jam-jar on the shelf.   He then turned the label over which clearly stated Sweet Peas!  Nothing more left his lips and he gently put the tray back down and resumed his digging of the awful plot.

I had to swallow my pride and admit I was wrong before planting them out in their correct allocated space.

I also sowed more sweetcorn, more brassicas and fresh parsnips from a brand new shiney packet.

I also potted on a few seedlings, and re-planted the spare seedlings in case the best got slugged and became no more.  No good getting rid of your spares until your good ones are well established and slug free.

I also sowed a few spring onions and mixed lettuce in a pot which is now sitting on a cabinet in my office by the window.  As an experiment, I thought I would try sowing 4 or 5 spring onions and 3 or 4 mixed salad seeds to see if I couldn’t grow them indoors in an office and have really fresh salad with my lunchtime sarni! If it works then Ill have a go at sowing a few ball shaped carrots in a little pot to go with the salad – who knows I could start an office revolution in grow your own packed lunch at work!

Ill report back progress on said salad/spring onion mix and if I do have a go at carrots.

Oh yes and in future I shall check both sides of a label before using it and when finished make sure I rub out the old name!



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  1. VegVamp says:

    He he, :lol: this did make me laugh Mary, think we’ve all done that one with the labels. I learned my lesson and add the date now too. ;-)

  2. Beanstew says:

    This is a man to treasure, Mary (but I expect you know that). And I bet you found his quiet remonstrance more devastating than any crowing or bawling out could be. I’ve personally started labelling each pot I sow with masking tape fixed well clear of any watering line. When I’m giving them a scrub after use, I take off the old tape, and they are good to go for the next seed. Its about the only way I can avoid making your mistake – and I find cleaning off labels quite tedious.

  3. I’m with you with the cleaning off, Sheila :yes: I’ve only just learnt to label anything at all!!! The first year I was determined to remember what was where without labels. Silly me :rake: :lol:

  4. SIMONDO says:

    I too have a tip for the pain in the Bum that is label cleaning….Pencil only !! never a marker. Use a pencil with a rubber on the end and get shot of the writing, or for the more …..earthy , spit and your thumb :lol:
    Pencil is the key for me though. :good:

  5. Hayley says:

    Oh Mary what a quirky coincidence that you used the same label for peas :wacko: So easily done but I’m with Simon on pencil labelling, much easier to remove :yes:

  6. Yewbarrow says:

    think we’ve all done, guilty myself, started writing labels with pencil cos I can rub that off easily when I re-use them, neighbour uses perm marker which is useless for recycling but at least you know what you are growing – never mind Sheila whatever you will enjoy them I know

  7. karenp says:

    Well I most certainly have done this and even went as far as planting, I somehow :scratch: mixed up the pots of statice with my pots of brassicas, planted them in their allocated beds up the plot only to notice later that those brassicas were looking unusual and the statice did,nt look like statice, needless to say I hastily and very carefully swopped them all over to the correct beds as thought the brassicas would look a bit strange growing amongst the herbs and my fruit trees, what a plonker :wacko: :scratch: :rake:

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