It’s 04.35. I’ve been awake since before 04.00,when precisely, on the dot of the hour, robin started his melodious song. what a beautiful sound!

By 04.15 others had joined him. Robin was in the garden at the back. From the front I could hear the contralto voice of blackbird. Not to be mean or sulky or anything, great titmouse was joining them, and was that a warbler?

A few minutes of shoulder-aching, tossing and turning later, just as thought I might get comfy again, “Caw! caw!” the derisive long squawks of a crow up in the turkey oak!

“Gordon Bennett!” I thought, “Don’t be a misery Anne; it’s the beautiful Dawn Chorus!”

Then an awful squealing and screeching and wailing !

“Oh crumbs that crow has got a squirrel!” Had it heck!


I got up to look, and could see nothing but the dawn sky reflected in the Glassroom windows. the squealing went on,….. and on,….. and on.

“I can’t sleep!” I said.

“No ridiculous ennit!” he said.”Can you see anything?”

I couldn’t but by then I realised it must be rudely awakened little fox cubs; poor little things…that crow! Deary me.

I have put the kettle on whilst I type this.

Isn’t nature grand……even in the heart [well almost!] of the capital city it gives us it’s finest hour, before settling down, back to normal daytime activity!

It’ nearly 05.00. I shall have a cuppa and see if I can get back to sleep for a few precious hours.

HAND All,  Anne

It’s now 05.16

Ten minutes ago all was really quite. I strained my ears to hear anything. Only the gentle reverberations of the fridge as it switched itself on the kitchen!


The sky has lightened.

The only raucous thing left is the close-up reflection in the Glassroom window.


 My cuppa is very tasty.

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  1. karenp says:

    That first cuppa is always the best one of the day, we’ve had that before with the on going screaming, horrid I know, a niebour said that its foxes but it always sounds as though something is in pain, but at least you had all those birds singing to you, lovely sound :heart:

  2. Beanstew says:

    Gosh Anne – really impressed by the use you put early mornings to – I just sit around with a mug of coffee, groaning quietly to myself. The groans are a new thing, caused by various aching parts of the body – which has never happened before so persistently – so I guess I’m staring old age in the face. :cry: Luckily, I can work it off, so its a great impetus to getting outside to paint all that wood. :whistle:

  3. DizzyD says:

    hi Anne
    even though I,m up at 4 for work I couldnt get my brain in gear to start writing , more mumbling than proper words , agree the first cuppa of the day is the best :yahoo: along with the dawn chorus if you are awake but not woken up by it :cry: , loved the blog :yes:

  4. gertie says:

    Teehee Thanks David. :rose:
    I don’t envy you getting up at 04.00 :negative:
    Please say what your job is again…I know it has been mentioned before but obviously wasn’t concentrating at the time…sorry :unsure: :rose:

  5. gonewest says:

    I should’ve logged on, we could have had a chat. Couldn’t stay awake through new series Quirke, so went to bed only to wake up just after midnight. Read for a couple of hours, tried to settle down, no joy, got up made cuppa and read till I finished my book at 5.30. Thought I ought to try to snooze a bit and managed till 7.30 – 8ish when the menagerie decided it was high time I was up and doing (they’d been miffed before that there was nuffin’ doin’) :wacko: . Poor Cindy with the lump on her neck now has a very weird and strangulated miaow but she still manages the volume and is difficult to ignore. It is lovely, though to hear the birds and occasional other wildlife beginning to go about their daily business.

  6. gertie says:

    Remind me to swap phone numbers!! :lol:
    I was amazed by those birds…a real racket for about an hour, then a weird and wonderful silence punctuated by only the hum of the fridge! :unsure:

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