Teds in May…Part One ….. An arbour Tale


Teds in May…Part One


An arbour Tale


It was a lovely day in Gertie’s Garden, in fact it was developing into a really  great month there. Flowers were rejoicing in the rain and occasional sun and warmth, everywhere you looked. Blue Hill blossomed all over.


Upstairs at the Crystal Palace Pads, new rocking chairs had arrived and some of the Teds tried them out, including  newcomer to the Pads, Murdoch. Murdoch is the fellow with the knitted, brown  jumper.


On this, one of the few sunny days after a typically wet Bank Holiday weekend, Percy judged it high time for the newcomer from Switzerland to visit Gertie’s Garden.


Teds took their Swiss rocking chairs with them too, and chatted in comfort underneath clematis crawling around the end of Dom’s shed.


It was peaceful in the sunshine.



Bruno and Bernard joined in, and the party was very jolly.



Snowy and Murdoch became adventurous and climbed up the clematis vines to better see the plate-sized blooms above, whilst others looked and lazed below.



Snowy reached an enormous clematis blossom.


“Come on you two!” He called to Knitted and Murdoch…..



….but Knitted and Murdoch preferred to stay where they were and watched Snowy as he lay back with a contented, triumphant sigh in the silken petals of a huge clematis flower



That was a good day.


Anne, May25th…2014.


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  1. shedsue says:

    A lovely Walk through Gerties garden in the month of May..enhanced by the CP gang…brrrrrrrrrilliant :heart: :good:

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