JUNE FACES: Personalities and Portraits ….. An Arbour Tale

JUNE FACES: Personalities and Portraits,

An Arbour Tale


As Sheila, a gardening friend of Anne’s noticed, Ethelbald, as well as his beefeater friends, Beefy, Cliff and Jarrod, are very courteous bears.


Some peops have seen how each Ted has a character of their own.

Not only are the Beefeater Teds very polite but they enjoy traditional pursuits and ideas too.

Pedro is a relative newcomer to the Pads from Portugal, and we have already found out how kind, thoughtful and sweet natured he is. He is pictured here in Gertie’s Garden during a sunny afternoon 5th June 2014.

With Pedro is Kumba David. Kumba David is very quiet, and he is passionate about photography. He goes nowhere without his camera. Today he is taking pictures in Gertie’s Garden.



Pedro showed him the high bird feeder, where he could get a good view all around Blue Hill.


Kumba David took shots all around the garden of flower faces that he liked.

This is his collection called, JUNE FACES, taken today.


Kumba David then found that he could take a great picture of Pedro by shooting from the branches of the blue fir tree, on Blue Hill.



Pedro posed amongst the dianthus flowers.


Recently we saw how ‘new Ted’, Algy had gone into a huddle with another new Ted, Cap’n Ginger, and some folks were wondering if the reunited cousins, Algy and Biggles .were going to stay re-united for long, as Algy went swanning off with Ginger, with nary a word to anyone else. People had noticed that Ginger was a bit boastful and blustery.


The next day, Algy and Ginger were having a wonderful time in the bath with old boats, saved from childhood bath times.



They were joined by the frogs who lived at the Pads.


How had this come about?

Algy had noticed Ginger’s nostalgic sadness when they were looking at the old galleon, so much in need of repair and renovation. He remembered that bath times were often accompanied by plastic toy boats, and thought that this would be a happy stop-gap for Ginger, until his galleon was once again seaworthy. So, after chatting through much of the night with his old mate, Biggles he had resolved to see what he could do to make Ginger happier.


He grinned as he recalled, on briefly turning round to look, Gingers face as they were coming through the foam bubbles!




Biggles, Woodentop Ted and Minnie Mouse, all laughed with Algy later that night as he recounted their sailing exploits.

“But sailing is not for me old chap!” said Algy to Biggles. “We need to get ourselves an aeroplane!”

“Now that’s a good idea!” nodded Biggles happily, and his eyes lit up as he thought about how they would accomplish this wonderful plan, for a plan it now was. Biggles has retrieved his ‘va-va-voom’ and is raring to go!


Anne, D-Day 6th June: 70th Anniversary, 2014.

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  1. gibbon says:

    you never cese to amase , you have some cleaver teds there, tell them good luck from me in there quest to get a plane, :good:

  2. gertie says:

    Hi Cliff :bye: Thank you :rose: I will pass on your messages to the Teds. Have you enjoyed today? :rose:

  3. shedsue says:

    Who had the most fun there Anne ????….you or the teds :whistle: :rose: ….love the flowers by the way

  4. gertie says:

    Teehee…Ginger of course Sue :good: :yes:

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