You Couldn’t Make It Up ….. Another Cautionary Tale

You Couldn’t Make It Up

Another Cautionary Tale

The booking for the early ferry had been cancelled; notification, the evening before.

We’re rebooked on a second ferry.

En route, trying to stop the sudden fizzing of the mobile’s connection to the all singing all dancing car, Dom noticed a message from Brittany Ferries, sent earlier in the morning.

“Sailing Time [on this second booking] is delayed by four hours!”

We carried on anyway and despite all sorts of traffic hang-ups arrived in time for the delayed second ferry’s original time.

We decided not to book in and wait around for four hours, but drive into Portsmouth instead.

Not having seen much of this city, I must admit that my hitherto impressions have left me feeling that it’s pretty dreary.

Unfair, I know.

We have come to Spinnaker Tower.


It has a café.

We order two sandwiches….. Twenty minutes wait…

The room is populated by a fair smattering of couples who look to be sixty or over, like us.

The large TOILET sign prominently displayed in the corner says a lot.

A railing on the outside of facetted panoramic windows [not] just catches your eye level, rather putting a kybosh on the expectations of a view of the famous harbour, “Gunwharf Quays Marina”.


Did I say it’s a twenty minutes wait for our sandwiches?

We nearly had some for another table but the “His and Hers’” differed by a chicken and a sausage … so that couple must have been here for at least twenty minutes as well.  When the sandwiches eventually arrive will they be on slates like those we nearly got earlier?

They are, and they’re very tasty and far more than we can manage in one sitting so a few go into a paper bag for later.


Spinnaker Tower.

We pass this each time that we leave or enter Portsmouth Harbour by the ferry. This time we go inside and up three levels, in a lift for the first, then climbing the next two flights of just thirty stairs each, to take in the marvellous birds’ eye views all around the harbour and across to the Isle of Wight.





It’s fresh and breezy and my rather bare décolletage is suffering from the chill, so I am back sitting in the all singing, all dancing car, in an award-winning car park, award-winning car park!, whilst Dom goes in search of an ATM for some more English dosh.

Spike is telling Sailor Bertie about the CP Teds and especially about Cap’n Ginger;

“You could almost be twins!” he said.



Dom and Anne drive around Portsmouth and Southsea killing time before they return to queue for the ferry.

It’s a pleasant drive, stopping here and there to take in aspects of the scenery, sea shore, sea.




Hovercrafts have been crossing here to the Isle of Wight for over forty years.








Eventually they head back for the port, with a pleasantly augmented feeling about Portsmouth, still two hours ahead of the appointed revised time.


You couldn’t make it up!

We had to be especially ‘let onto’ the long queues, already waiting at the dockside…..we were LATE!

Words fail me!

…..”We are now sitting at the END…..the VERY END…..the ‘YOU CAN’T GET MORE ENDIER END’ of the cars queueing to go onto the ferry.


We did eventually get on, squashed between giant cars with sticky-out wing mirrors and doors that opened…bump!

We head for the cabin…..

The boat hangs around: eventually  departing just 10 minutes short of its four hours late-start.


Anne     10.06.2014

6 Responses

  1. Were they moving summertime backwards and forwards or summat, Anne? :wacko:

  2. cilla says:

    Gordon Bennet, what a pain Anne. :wacko: Weren’t you brave going up that tower? I go dizzy standing on a chair! :lol:
    After all that I hope the rest of your journey is uneventful. :rose:

  3. Beanstew says:

    Absolute pain, all that hanging about – and although you made the best of it, and have showed us probably the best of Portsmouth – I know it to be a dreary matelot town with lots of dingy pubs. I knew it many years ago, and no doubt it has had a facelift and modernisation since – but culture and ambience don’t spring readily to mind. Hope you got back to the gardening marathon safely.

  4. gertie says:

    That sounds about right for my past impressions Sheila :good: We stuck to the seashore side and it was rather fresh and pretty, with sea plants and attractive parks and playgrounds, as well as quiet little annexes or rows of houses here and there. The navy building was spotlessly clean, which was refreshing, if rather impersonal.

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