It all started Friday while I was happily working on my own at my lottie.  A friend of ours called by on his bike !!..His name is Chris, he is about 63 and he has a plot on another site in York, we see him at the local and he and I bore everyone with our gardening speak…Anyway he was on a cycle ride and thought he would call and look at my plot, he said he had cycled 18 mile and he looked as fresh as a daisy.

Bazza and I went to the local that night and to be honest, I don’t know how it happened but I agreed to go for a ride with Bazza on Sunday, (Well, it was on condition he helped me with the pond on Sunday afternoon).

Sunday morning arrived and I decided to use my daughters bike which had been in our garage (2 years unused) as mine is very old and very heavy.  I took my camera and off we went on the cycle track much to Bazzas amusement of course..(he does cycle quite a bit and I would normally prefer to stick pins in my eyes than to go cycling)..We cycled down the river, then onto the racecourse and goodness knows where, when a little while later we came to Brunswick Nursery’s, a wonderful organic nursery, which is a center for helping people with learning disabilities.  I jumped off my bike with glee and went for a walk around.  I was surprised and delighted at the choice of plants, and the prices.  There was a café and loos too.   I would have bought a couple of things, but had no basket on my bike..No money and Bazza  said NO, he could not carry plants on his bike either.  I was in a jolly mood after that, thinking of what I could have purchased .

A couple of miles later, at a place called Naburn, on the cycle route..There was a “TRUST CAFÉ” was a little hut, where you made your own tea and coffee and put the money in a trust box, there were table and chairs and loos there too..I was very impressed.  Here, we were 5 miles from York which meant I had biked at least 4 miles..We had a sit down and a drink, and then set off for home, Bazza  was most impressed by my efforts, all done without a moan or my face on………In-fact, I have said I want to go again…But I have every intention of getting a little basket for the front of my bike.

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  1. I do love this tale of your adventure, Sue and am mighty impressed :yahoo: Your OH is like my OH when I want lovely rocks left by the tide – he won’t carry them for me either :cry: :lol:

  2. shedsue says:

    LOL…get a VERY BIG basket for your bike Jane :lol:

  3. Sounds like a fun bike ride, I would get yourself a basket then go back to GC and stock up, defeat isn’t a option ;-) :rose:

  4. cilla says:

    Sounds great Sue, you will be soooo slim and then I shan’t talk to you. :lol:

  5. gertie says:

    Definitely, 1] basket purchase 2] another bike ride, with Bazza, via the nursery…he should have a basket too, to help with plant purchases :yes:
    Bon courage Cherie :heart: :rose:

  6. cilla says:

    Actually Sue, on reflection, I think you should have one of those little trailers for behind the bike…….Bazza as well of course. :lol:

  7. Beanstew says:

    Have seen pictures of our eastern cousins carrying the most enormous loads on bikes, crates of ducks destined for market, and items of household furniture when moving house – and I’m sure it just takes a bit of practice and some determination (and a very strong sense of balance, and leg muscles like a body-builder).

  8. VegVamp says:

    Brilliant Sue, I’m most impressed.

    Agree with Cilla though, forget the poncey basket, if you are visiting lovely GCs get a trailers for the bike, correction for Bazza’s bike. :lol:

  9. bizzylizzy says:

    ha ha I would have been curled up on that table :lol: , well done you and definitely a trailer each :lol:

  10. AliCat says:

    Wow Sue…..I wouldn’t make 5 yards let alone 5 miles, well done.
    It must have been torture not having a basket for any plants :yes:
    Love the pictures and it sounds like you had a great time :rose:

  11. karenp says:

    Definitely looks like you had a great time, but how frustrating not being able to bring any plants back, if trailer no good a large bread basket on the front and panniers at the back too :whistle:

  12. shedsue says:

    Have carrier bag..and will travel..tomorrow :lol:

  13. cilla says:

    Ooh yes Sue, I was in Wilkos yesterday and noticed they had “comfy” saddles for sale, £13.99……………………now why did I think of you? :lol:

  14. shedsue says:

    I wonder Cilla :whistle: :lol:

  15. I have a comfy saddle on my bike, definatley worth it :yes: :yes: :good:

  16. karenp says:

    You should see the saddle on my son’s bike :wacko: hardly worth having it there, I always think they must be as uncomfortable as a thong must be :scratch: mind you have,nt tried those sort either ;-) :whistle:

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