Teds at the Pres ….. An Arbour Tale

Teds at the Pres

An Arbour Tale


Fluff was found, and snuggled home to meet Fraidy at the Crystal Palace Pads Favela.*

At the Pres, she had flown off into the garden on MC2 and landed on the old Apple tree, where she could swing about and have some fun looking around and hiding in plain view of everyone looking for her…cheeky Ghostie Ted!


That was last May; a month ago, when Fluff had been temporarily lost at the Pres; or so the others had thought!


There were sunny days on the grass, watched from the damson tree in the corner, by a chirpy house sparrow.


The little band of friends had lovely picnics and frolics by the scented geraniums.


They sat in a circle, and sang or sometimes danced, whilst Dores played her new guitar, which she’d purchased in Portugal.


That was a stunning afternoon! They loved it in the big, green garden.


Above them, the pigeons watched from their perches on the Church Tower, and the blackbird too, singing on his customary perch at the top of the telegraph pole overlooking the Pres Garden!



That little visit in May had been refreshing and beautiful.

The flowers were especially vibrant, both in the Pres garden and outside alongside the country roads.



The sky was big and blue.



Molasses, Vladimir, Pink Panther, Fluff, Lottie, Dores, Tufty, Ducky-Jellycat, Bixey and Norbert, all enjoyed their brief, sunny visit enormously, and couldn’t wait to chat to their friends back at the Crystal Palace Pads Favela *



In June, more Teds had their chance to visit Normandy; lie on the trunk of the garden apple tree; gaze at the blue sky above, pink leaves below; flowers in the borders, and listen to the tinkling of the blue bells of Campanula: bliss!


Inside, on a shelf at the Pres, the cheeky Teds found two wooden horses. They were prettily painted and Hedgeley, Mimi and Fifi enjoyed riding on them!


Hedgeley and Foxley had gone to help with the gardening.

There were lovely roses at the Pres …..


and some new daisies were purchased for a refreshed front bed.


On the way there they had met and brought along with them, Bertie the Tar, who came from the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth Harbour.

Mimi and Fifi joined them on the ferry boat, and other Teds, Spike, Moley, Biggles and Algy had come for a holiday in French sunshine. The two Airmen Teds also wanted to see a bit of Normandy after watching the D-Day Landings Commemorations on television.


Molly, a pretty, white teddy made by Sadie over twenty years before, had been living at the Pres, and she made them all very comfortable there.

An old friend who lived there, gave them fluffy flowers which they put on the front room shelf.

“Those are hydrangeas” said Hedgeley, who knew these things.


They met the most adorable moth who chatted to them, in French of course!


They crept out one night and spotted a prickly ball on the grass.

“Hello!” shouted Hedgeley excitedly. The little ball looked at them but said not a word. He was very timid.


In the big, walled garden, the Teds had a wonderful time playing in the sunny grass with the horses and some trains which they had found.



Mimi and Fifi had a whale of a time on one of the horses. They raced the wooden train over the grass!


Teds loved the garden. Out in the sun it was big and wide with green spaces spotted with bright colours and petalled patterns.


When mowing the long grass, Hedgeley, Foxley and Spike came across a big, black corpse, with shiny wings and a long, sharp beak.

“Crow!” whispered Spike; “Poor thing; wonder how he got there?”


Foxley and Hedgeley, with Moley helping, took cuttings to the enormous compost heap and brought back lovely black stuff from its soft, warm middle to feed the garden beds and bushes.


“That needs sorting, “mumbled Anne, looking at the piles of cuttings, and the crumbling fence around the once neat compost areas!

The May visitors remembered standing on the wall overlooking the compost heap, and Anne saying the same thing then!



From their perch high up in a healthily sprouting yellow rose, Biggles and Algy could see up through the trees as well as over the wall to the crumbling heap of composting detritus.



When Anne and Dom cleaned inside and moved stuff around, exciting possibilities for new play came into force.



    The Teds loved the early morning mists over the valley…..


….they liked the pretty pink new flowers under the Nursery window…..


….the evening light through the back gate.


They’d sat still and spotted the fledgling Kestrels peeping down from their high ledge.


It was a really exciting instant when a parent bird flashed in with food, fluttered and flew away again, with all the accompanying squeaks of hunger and delight!


One day they would revisit the Pres and Moley would pluck up enough courage to climb higher than the top of a pot in which he could hide.


He would probably never go up as high as the kestrels though.



Teds knew that they would see the Pres again; if not themselves then some of their friends at the Pads, before the year was over.


Anne ….. June 2014

**[renamed by Anne’s son a few months ago and adopted by Anne since she’d seen the TV programmes on Rio and liked the camaraderie within the Favela there.]

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    evening anne a little bit of everything in this story some stunning pictures but the mist over the valley picture is amazing :good:

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    Fluffys, Flowers, France AND Feathers and a bright pink Foxglove :good: :heart: loved it :rose:

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    Am glad :heart: thank you Sue :rose:

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