I had  been waiting patiently for some  rain for several days I had to stop planting because the ground was very dry and I couldn’t get it to cultivate to planting conditions

plants stayed in trays kept watering the plants looked distressed with that hot sun beading down on them and then the heavens opened and  the ground changed overnight to  fresh and manageable ground the plants already set looked much happier with that drink or two

the only downside is I can’t get on the ground  because its raining heavy showers thunder and lightning so hopefully next weak will see  the sun back and a bit cooler to work in

when I said to my farmer friends I wanted some rain that went down like a lead balloon because they where haymaking one friend managed to get his hay bailed before the rain came where the other one obviously didn’t look at the weather forecast because  he cut his hay and down came the rain he was not  pleased

so what’s good for one is unfortunately not good for another but that’s how the cookie crumbles as they say

so next week should see me catching up with my planting most of the allotment will be set except for my winter planting cabbage cauliflower sweet Williams and wallflowers



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  1. gertie says:

    I think it’s been an awkward year for timings Roly. Most of my flowers have burst forth early and now look blousy or blown. Runner beans, started early, are thin, straggly and non-flowered, and tomatoes on window sills indoors, thin and small, which I must put down to too small pots or too much heat or something as they are fed and watered regularly…tho’ mind you I have to use tap water for everything. :unsure:
    Good luck next week…it’s raining heavily here as I write :good: :rose:

    • gibbon says:

      nout wrong with useing tap water,but heat should be at a constant temp, and pots should match what the plant is to grow too, the roots will match the size of the plant and viceraverser. :rose:

  2. gertie says:

    On the heat point…can’t control that easily, but on your second point, I decided to buy a Growbag and put the pots into it so that the roots can search and spread out further, thus getting more nutrition :yes: :rose: so thanks Cliff :good:

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