The Week Before ….. A Daily Diary …

The Week Before

A Daily Diary

It’s Sunday,13th July….. You might call it, “From plant to plate” day.

At lunch time we sampled the first of the Tigre tomatoes in a tasty salad.fromplanttoplate.mmjpg

Needless to say, it was very good.

For dinner we shall have a few self-grown escapee potatoes dug out yesterday…..I expect them to be of impeccable taste too.

Meanwhile, on with the holiday sorting and preparations.

Which Teds are coming to Somerset, and which are going to revisit their friends in France?

The spuds were lovely and fresh-tasting. The lamb meat juices, too fatty for our gravy, were happily munched up by three foxes [Mum and teenagers!] when soaked into little chunks of bread.

Germany won the World Cup, beating Argentina 1:0 in extra time.

Monday, July 14th

Look at that! :-)

Have transferred the tomatoes to outside in Gertie’s Garden. They are in a sunny-in-the-evening corner against an old wall and tied firmly via re-slotted canes to a wedged pallet. I put a handful of chicken pellets [pooh!!] under each pot, but as roots were growing through the holes, I declined to ruin the new pots by making bigger holes in them. Since having the grow-bag underneath the plants have grown taller quickly


It’s been a back-achingly busy afternoon ….. phew!…..diligently tying back, pruning back, weeding cracks, sweeping up, bagging up rubbish. Whilst I scruffilled* away stuff, a neighbour, Phillip, stopped at the gate to adjust his shoulder bag. I said hello and was labelled by him, after a comment about a gorgeous garden, and a sweeping glance up and down the road, “perfect neighbours to have” :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) am now basking in what I know is undeserved but much appreciated praise ‘cos it means he likes gardens too.

Whilst it is still here, the honeysuckle partially hides the view of tomatoes from the gate by the road, which is sensible. I did have my little piggy :-( [was my lovely Auntie Maisie’s] nicked, and a spade broken from my shed by a would-be burglar who was chased away by our previous downstairs neighbour, Maggie, so I’m very careful to be enclosed now


The scruffilling does pay off though. Gertie’s Garden still has pretty bits in the late afternoon sun….. young hydrangeas …..


….. fuchsias dripping over the path …..


That soft-hued view through to the front room and raised bed …..


…and this ever-growing mound of delightful mind-your-own-business.


…..Time for supper!

Tuesday,July 15th … St. Swithin’s Day.

The moon was big, bright and round again late last night.


Small, but perfectly formed, this little home-grown Marmande tomato was a perfect accompaniment to last night’s salad supper, which also contained a potato salad of the runaway pickings!

The moved plants looked fine as I watered them early this morning ….. no longer battered and sulky with the house moving yesterday. They look up and wave as I take a photo from the balcony above!


Now it’s off to IKEA, with a friend, Orlanda. There I forgot the most important thing…derrr!…but I did find another, pretty, white campanula to adorn Gertie’s Garden, so that needs to be transplanted this afternoon or tomorrow.


I’ll try it here I think….. pretty by the step and nursery pots.


In a quite strong evening sun, some of the tomatoes look sulky again.


Let’s hope they are fully recovered soon.

After some fiercesome pruning, the yellow roses are coming back.


I watered yet again tonight, and those tomatoes looked happier at dusk.

How up and down it all is!


Wednesday, July 16th

Tomatoes look well and firm this morning, happy in the early shade.


Sunlight and shade dapple the garden rooms.


So far, so good.

Lots of house work to do so this gets left for another day…..


* to scrufill = to tidy in a scruffy way whilst looking scruffy!

Anne ….. 16.07.2014

10 Responses

  1. Yewbarrow says:

    looking good Anne don’t wear yourself out you’ve a holiday to enjoy remember

  2. gertie says:

    Thank you Jenny :rose: ….. Am looking forward to the Granny-sitting holidays, but you are right…I’ll need energy for them :yes: :lol:

  3. mick1970 says:

    a busy garden anne all looking good…am sure you will get the energy for the children happy days ahead :yahoo:

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Mick :rose: …and good luck with cleaning out those caulis!! :good:
    [I just mugged up on Club root in Wikipedia and it looks a thorough nuisance…just like the everlasting black spot I get on some roses, and the occasional mildew I get in corners, which knocks the plants for six.. :harvest: ]

  5. gibbon says:

    lovly blog Ann, hope you leave room next year for some lovely sweetpeas,that will add a lovely smell to your garden and realy sent the flat, there is not much you can do about club root once you have it but to prevent it lime is the answer quick or burnt lime best if you can get it may be builders still ues it, :rose:

  6. gertie says:

    Thank you Cliff….just what I need for a scented garden. :heart: Already you can smell GREEN as you go thro’ the gate. :rose:
    As for club root…I now know what to look out for and how to possibly prevent it: thanks to you and Mick and Wiki ;-) .
    So far I have been lucky and not seen any, but then I grow few crops, and so far no brassicas, so maybe I have that treat :rake: to come :harvest:

  7. gibbon says:

    I have never had it in all the years I have been gardening, but then I allws lime my soil and do not put manure with brassicas, so you may never see it, :rose:

  8. gertie says:

    So that chicken pellet stuff that pongs rotten, would not be good for brassicas?

  9. cazrym says:

    Looks lovely Anne The fuchsia you sent me is doing really well thanks x :heart:

  10. gertie says:

    Oh good Carol :good: … I’m very pleased :rose:
    Thank you :rose:

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