I was busy shoe-horning another plant into my front garden on Thursday, when I noticed a car drive past, turn – and the approach of two figures….. OMG!  Its Karen and Andy, with nothing in the house but plain biscuits, my hair needs washed, and the jeans I am wearing really should have been in the wash several days ago.  But the wonderful thing about Karen, is that all of the above really doesn’t matter – and she didn’t even complain at all, when I nearly burnt the mouth off her with  coffee reheated in the microwave.  Andy is a lovely man too, who showed my daughter a nifty trick to tighten wires we were  erecting for a thornless blackberry, alongside the front boundary fence.

We met later on Saturday for a meal in Glasgow, and I would have put this wee blog on earlier – but as usual Duncan was somewhere beyond the reach of his mother – and his mobile phone with which I took this photo, was with him.  As you can see, his girlfriend Barbara was with us – and I can tell you as a techieduffer, that lunch taken in the company of four techiegeeks is not for the faint-hearted.  But they were all very good, and spoke in normal colloquial English throughout.  I had a lovely time.

Karen is an extraordinary woman who has done extraordinary things which she is pretty quiet about – which I will leave her to tell you about herself.  But most importantly, she has the gift of friendship.  And what I would like to say to Karen is, “Thank you for being one of us, and for reaching out a helping hand to every techieduffer among us – and if friends were flowers, I’d pick you”.


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  1. Beanstew says:

    PS Forgot to mention that she clinched it (if that were needed) by the gift of three ripening peaches. Was touched beyond measure, because we all know how she loves those peaches of hers!

  2. gertie says:

    How lovely Sheila…when you said “Karen popped in” the other day, I wasn’t sure which Karen you meant, but seeing the photo, hearing the ‘geek’ description, and of course, having met at Cardiff, I know exactly. :heart: What a super surprise, and yes, it is the best to have kind friends. :yes: :rose:

  3. VegVamp says:

    If you were the type to swan about with perfectly coiffed hair, dressed in immaculately clean clothes, then I would not have felt able to “drop in” on you Sheila – nor would I have wanted to. We were greeted with hugs and huge smiles, that was all we could have wished for.
    It was brilliant to meet up again Sheila. And I loved having a little time with you, Duncan and Barbara on the Saturday, though it did go so quickly in a blur of laughter and chat. We managed to spend two hours over lunch and then another hour over coffee – says it all really. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    • Beanstew says:

      Its pretty amazing in the scheme of things, that it all started on a wee website called GardenClickers. I know there were meet-ups on the old site – but I didn’t – although many of you were there. We get an idea of each other from our daily chat online – but have to say, reality is better and richer and funnier – and so worthwhile. And I loved the sympathy you gave me for that bl**dy cherry tree – it’s ruined half of my back garden.

  4. cilla says:

    Good morning Karen………….I’ve started again now :cry: Sounds like a lovely lovely meeting. :rose:

  5. Hayley says:

    Oh Sheila, do I echo your words or what! Karen’s warm sincerity and sense of humour brightens the greyest day. :heart: So delighted you were all able to meet and share some time, however brief. I’m looking forward to meeting a new GC member too, Welcome Barbara! :rose:

  6. Beanstew says:

    I don’t know if Barbara will join us – she claims to know nothing about gardening (much like Duncan) – but would be a welcome honorary member indeed. Am going to do my best to convert her, and potted on some cuttings for her last night – perennials that will provide interest and colour without much attention, because she is a very busy girl.

  7. Duncan says:

    But to echo my Mum’s comments, lovely to meet Karen and family. I only got 2 peaches. One of which was eaten yesterday. Surprised to find it already ripe. Delicious. Thanks Karen! :good:

  8. OMG Sheila – what a wonderful time you had – and to have all those peaches too :yahoo:
    I’m almost in :cry: here from remembering what a fab time we all had in Cardiff – feel a bit of a twit here like this as I’m really not the type to :cry: or I didn’t think I was :wacko:

  9. gibbon says:

    yes I have to agree there Sheiler’ I still love you ,so lets have a fag togather :rose:

  10. karenp says:

    Well what a surprise that must,’ve been :yes: but sounds like you were truly set up too, being caught out like that :lol: but all sounds like it was a fantastic time, made me feel quite teary eyed when reading your blog :heart:
    Another tip I heard also in getting rid of unwanted neighbour’s trees is a copper nail hammered in, not sure if it really works but someone once told me to do do this when I had this problem, must say could,nt bring myself to do it but was,nt the same nightmare you,’ve been getting with this tree :rage:

    • VegVamp says:

      Ahem! I’ll have you know we phoned repeatedly before arriving and got no answer :lol:
      Am so hopeful that Sheila will do the same to me one day, would LOVE her to arrive over here. :rose: And would make no apology for the state of me or my home as I now know it wouldn’t matter one jot to her. :heart:

  11. bizzylizzy says:

    how did I miss this :scratch: :unsure: , sound’s like a good time was had :yes: :good:

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