Micorrhizae &Carbon Gold

Growing potatoes in poly pots presents  a challenge when it comes to feeding and watering, the pots are only 20L and with the tops supported they grow nearly 5ft high and quite wide. In the past have extended the spout on my watering can 2ft by adding a length of blue water pipe, what a performance that is and time consuming. The answer as I saw it was to water the ground round the pots but to do this the root system had to go through the pot and also be quite  substantial .Have been fascinated by the trials mickyp has done and is still doing with micorrhizae and Carbon Gold. so I tried my own experiment, the ground under where the poly pots would stand was dug over and potato fertiliser added plus the contents from some bags of Carbon Gold that I had been given .This was raked in then a light sprinkling of mycorrhizae and the poly pots stood on top  A layer of compost was put in the bottom of the pot, then a teaspoon of fungi a little more compost and the seed potato planted on top of that. My thinking was as the roots developed they would come in contact  with the micorrhizae both inside the pot and out side.  Will know the results in two weeks time when the skins on the potatoes  have set and I empty the pots. Have grown potatoes in poly pots for 6 years and this years are the healthiest plants in all that time. Pictures in my gallery

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  1. mickyp says:

    well done tony ….. learning by trial & error …. plus passing on your outcome

  2. bizzylizzy says:

    do a video when you empty them tony :good:

  3. Tony, can you post a link to your potato gallery – can’t seem to find it – my OH wants to see :-)

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