Sad and Happy News.

DSCF1227I dont know how many of you remember my gardening companion Morgan. Well sorry to say he had to be put to sleep in February this year. He was 14 years old.

Now for the happy part. I have always had a dog since I was a baby in a pram and I couldn’t see myself without another mate. So I started to look at the rescued dog pages, so many poor dogs in need of a new furever home through no fault of their own.

We settled on going to see a young (about 6 months) black Kelpie, she had been mistreated and was so skinny. The previous owners had called her Flo of all names, we didnt like that and the day after we got her we were sitting saying how skinny she was and that she was a Skinny Minnie……hence she became Minnie.DSCF1969This is her when we got her….poor thing. She was slow to put on weight as she was so active…….nothing she liked better than chasing dragonflies around the pool.DSCF2259

Well about 2 months later I was still looking at the rescue sites and I found a Labrador that needed a furever home , he had always been tied up in the back yard  and he needed some love and affection. He was the opposite of Minnie , he was fat through lack of exercise, he was about 17 months old. This is him the day after he came to us.DSCF2305Meet Hugo, so like Morgan  but a different shaped head.

The two of them get along fine and love a play fight. I look forward to many happy hours in the garden with them this year. First job, when I am fit enough, is to replant the fern garden they have destroyed.
But dogs will be dogs and I couldn’t live without one, gardens can always be repaired.

photo (7)I ask you if you are thinking about getting a dog, do think about getting a rescue dog.



Now I have mastered the blog I have to write one and tell you why I am a Frangiholic.




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  1. Veggiepatch says:

    They look really happy and well done for getting rescue dogs, my parents have only ever had rescue dogs and some do bring with them problems whether it be agression, unable to walk nicely on a lead or just having to chase everything in sight but with attention they soon settle in.

    • Star says:

      Where I got my two from are a rescue group that have a no cage no PTS(put to sleep) policy. All the dogs they have are in foster care and live in peoples houses, in fact that is how I got Minnie she needed a foster I put my hand up as a foster with an option to adopt. The foster carers have usually got any bad habits before they are adopted.

      • Veggiepatch says:

        That’s really good, there are a lot of bad so called animal shelters out there. I hate cruelty to animals and have no understanding why people do it. A local(ish) animal rescue centre near us is very good, if you already have a dog they insist you bring the dog along so they can check the dog and see if it gets on with the new one before you can adopt. They do a house inspection and interview you also. You then have to take the new dog out into the large paddock next to the shelter for a walk to see if you can handle the dog and how the dog reacts towards you. :good:

  2. VegVamp says:

    Sad and happy indeed Star. So very sorry to hear about Morgan. It is always heartbreaking when we lose our beloved pets.
    However your new Pals look lovely and boy have they fallen on their paws after their awful start in life. :good: Fully agree about rescue animals, for me it is cats, but they have always been “rescues”. :heart:

  3. Indeed both a sad and a happy tale, Star. Glad to see the ‘rescues’ look so good together :yes:

  4. gertie says:

    Lovely Sylvia :rose:
    Very sorry and sad about dear ole Morgan, but you have managed to do well by him with your two, new companions….. brilliant :yes:
    I too endorse the idea of ‘Rescue animals’. when we are more sedentary I have every intention of giving a loving home to as many OLD rescue cats as I can. :yes: :heart: :rose:

  5. mick1970 says:

    a lovely read star….and well done no more misery for them now :yahoo:

  6. Beanstew says:

    Can really understand your sadness, Star – and so worthwhile to assuage it by adopting two rescue dogs, who will give you years of companionship while destroying the garden. I was always a dog person too, but now I have a rescue cat which enables me to go away occasionally for a few days. He’s a real old toughie who was abandoned, and we suit each other perfectly. He follows me about and sleeps on my bed, and was bright enough to bite two Jehovas’ Witnesses who had me trapped on the doorstep. You don’t get the same emotional reponse from cats – but sometimes that can be a blessing too – and you don’t have to keep throwing balls and sticks.

  7. Walt says:

    Good on yer Star :good: All my friends (except the missus) came from rescue centres :yes:

  8. shedsue says:

    What a star to those dogs you are star :good: …a forever home. And a good home too :heart:

  9. karenp says:

    So sorry about your loss of Morgan, but congratulations on your new companions who look totally at home too, our last dog barney a Labrador we got from lab rescue he too had been tied up on a yard he had no claws as such he was underweight too and when lab rescue phoned me he was on their priority list to be rehomed, so he came to us with all sorts of problems but with lots of love and socialising he turned into a wonderful dog who gave is lots of fun for 12yrs he passed away the grand old age of nearly 15yrs :heart:
    Now we have alfie a border collie we did get alfie as a pup mainly because of my hens and I needed a dog to be raised with my girls, like you I could,nt see us being without a dog :yes:

  10. cilla says:

    Very sad to lose Morgan Star, but you obviously gave him a wonderful life and did the kind thing in the end, when it mattered. I just love the look of Hugo and Minnie and brilliant that they get on so well. We lost OH’s Springer 6 years ago now and he won’t have another one because of the tie. But the two cats are rescue cats. Enjoy your gorgeous dogs and keep us posted on their doings. :heart:

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